New Amsterdam up in smoke?

While users offer their insights into which shows should be canceled and which should be saved in The Axe, actual network executives are currently busy doing it for real.

The suits over at Fox, fresh off their slaughter of the failed country-music reality-show Nashville, are apparently sharpening their claws and fangs to suck the life force out of another show. Production of the drama New Amsterdam has been shut down indefinitely, according to Variety.

The show has finished shooting seven episodes, and Fox execs will allegedly decide whether to give the go-ahead for more. However, Variety, without citing a reason, says more episodes are "unlikely."

New Amsterdam is a drama about a modern-day New York City private investigator who was empowered with immortality by a Native American girl in the 17th century. He is doomed/blessed with immortality until he finds his true love.

The show was originally supposed to air this fall, but was bumped to midseason by the reality competition Don’t Forget the Lyrics. No word yet on when (or if) New Amsterdam will premiere.

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