New Girl Comes Full Circle in Its Season 1 Finale

New Girl S01E24: “See Ya”

New Girl flirted with it for a while, especially in the aftermath of the Great Fancyman Break-Up, but we still don’t have a definitive answer to Jess and Nick’s perpetual question of “Will they or won’t they?” But in “See Ya,” we definitely took another step forward on that journey.

The loftmates dutifully tried to talk Nick out of shacking up with Caroline, even as they reluctantly helped him load up the moving van, but no one was as vocal as Jess. Jess was in total denial mode and very much not okay with Nick’s replacement, the recently divorced and laid-off Neil. Neil also didn’t exactly endear himself to the fuming Jess, alternating between annoying and creepy for the majority of his screen time.

Admittedly behind schedule, Nick’s come-to-Jesus freak-out reared its slightly unbalanced head en route to his new digs and with Winston and Schmidt at his crisis-overloaded mercy, Nick drove right past the new apartment and into the California desert. Then he threw his keys into the wilderness. When Nick breaks, Nick breaks hard.

The men called Jess and Cece rescue them. Upon arrival, Jess seemingly had her own meltdown and tossed her own keys into the infinite abyss. Jess is sneaky, though. I think that’s an occasionally overlooked fact, and it’s not a knock against her at all, but the girl is downright conniving sometimes. Often, her machinations backfire, like when she attempted to manufacture passion during her time with Russell. But in “See Ya,” Jess got a much-deserved breakthrough.

See, she didn’t toss her keys at all. She just wanted to strand everyone in the middle of nowhere overnight so they could work their issues out Breakfast Club-style. In doing so, she effectively reestablished the status quo as New Girl rolled into its summer hiatus. When the sun rose and the gang realized that they'd survived their night in the wild, they returned to the loft altered and enlightened.

What went down in desert?

For starters, Schmidt dumped Cece. Yeah. I always thought it would be the other way around. Earlier in “See Ya,” he'd crashed a very sexy photo shoot and didn’t take kindly to seeing his lady flirting with her super-buff co-model, even though it was just for show. (You DO understand what Cece does for a living, right Schmidt?) Later on, while stranded, Schmidt caught a glimpse of an incoming text from Mr. Abs himself. It was...well...if my significant other got a text like that from one of his co-workers, I’d be pretty upset, too. I’m still bummed to see them part ways, though. Their odd-couple relationship grew on me during the course of the season.

On the Jess-and-Nick front, Jess came clean to Nick. Sort of. While it wasn’t exactly an epic declaration of love and affection, it was the kind of speech a scorned girl gives when she's decided that she doesn’t want to be all miserable and scorned anymore. You know, the “I just want you to be happy” speech. It’s a classic.

Nick seemed rather indifferent to it at first, though I’m willing to bet that the staring contest with a coyote was a bit of a distraction. He ultimately returned to the loft, making a triumphant return to AC/DC’s “Shook Me All Night Long.” We are, ultimately, ending almost exactly where we began. For a show like New Girl, which started very strong, then briefly fizzled into a puddle of uncertainty (as far as storytelling goes) in the middle, it’s a great place to end. Hopefully, we’ll start out strong and stay that way through the sophomore season.

Random Observations:

– “Fresh. Pressed. Linens.” Schmidt’s list continued.

– Zooey Deschanel’s Road Runner impression was adorable. Meep meep!

– I had a mint green bedroom once! Nick was spot-on. It really is a hard color to match ANYTHING to.

What do you want to see when New Girl returns?

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