New Harriet the Spy TV Movie to Be Worst Thing Ever Made

...Oh hm. Here's some good news for, um, "your little sister." You can tell "her" that "she" will be getting more of "her" favorite show, the Disney Channel's Jonas Brothers vehicle, JONAS. I know that "she" DVRs it every week, so "she" ought to be really excited about this. And, hypothetically, if one of her older siblings wanted to watch the show with her just to, you know, spend some time with their little sis, I suppose it might be good news for them too. Again, hypothetically speaking. [THR]

...More good news, this time for the brand-new The Wanda Sykes Show. The comedian's late-night Saturday laffer scored well in the ratings during its premiere this past weekend. She bested MadTV, which aired in the same time slot last year, by about 16%. Not bad at all for the always-likable lady. (Though, heh, I didn't actually watch her show. Sorry, Wanda!) [Variety]

...Steamy/steely Sam Anders from Battlestar Galactica, also known as Earth actor Michael Trucco, has joined the cast of that new USA lawyer show, Quinn Quirky: Attorney at Law or whatever it's called. He'll play lead Sarah Shahi's ex-husband, a fellow lawyer who still carries a torch for her. What will Starbuck say? [THR]

...Oh holy Jesus. So Disney Channel is doing a new Harriet the Spy TV movie starring something called Jennifer Stone. Which is, fine, whatever, "your little sister" might like it. But, um, guys? It's been changed just a tad from the original book. Now it's about "a movie producer's daughter determined to become the class blogger." Um, yes, you did read that correctly. The class blogger. Excuse me for a second, I'm just going to go weep for the future. This makes me really nervous for the upcoming big-screen Ramona Quimby movie. Oh, also, this sentence: "So You Think You Can Dance contestant Blake McGrath will choreograph." What, um... what is he choreographing? [gunshot] [Variety]

...Oh more good news! Dr. Phil, which evidently people still watch, has been renewed through 2014, by which time the show will be about Dr. Phil trying to become a high school blogger, and will feature elaborate hip-hop numbers choreographed by someone who was born in 1995. [THR]