New Rumors Are Swirlin' Around The Office: Do You Truly Believe Steve Carell *Won't* Be Back?

Ever since Steve Carell quit The Office near the end of Season 7, the actor has insisted that he'll never return to the series as our beloved Michael Scott, even though both NBC and showrunner Greg Daniels—not to mention probably all of us who are still watching the show—want to see Mr. Holly Flax one more time. Carell explained his reasoning to Access Hollywood back in January, saying, "I just didn't think it was right for the character. That character had an arc within the story and kind of grew and sort of evolved past the idea of the documentary. ... It didn't really make sense." 

But with the series finale approaching—Dunder-Mifflin is scheduled to close its doors for good in an hour-long send-off on May 16—rumors are spreading that Carell might make an appearance after all. From TVLine:

Insiders tell TVLine that producers mounted an 11th hour effort last month to coax Carell into making a cameo in the show’s hour-long swan song. And while no one is confirming that the final diplomatic push proved successful, no one is denying it either. 

Apparently, Carell's publicist said that while the actor was indeed on the set for the last day of filming, he didn't shoot any scenes. But ALSO apparently, a "source close to the show" said not to rule anything out. So: Obviously this is cryptic buzz-building for the finale, right? Everybody spends the next few weeks vehemently denying any and all rumors of a Steve Carell cameo, and then Michael shows up at some point during the finale and maybe we'll all be able to forgive some of terrible things the show has done this season? 

Admittedly, I really want to know how things turn out for Michael, whether we actually get to "see" him or not. The show has to at least include some sort of present-day mention of him, right? I suppose the easiest and probably most unsatisfying way would be to show us the documentary (which I don't really want to see in its entirety) and then end with an epilogue of "Michael and Holly lived happily ever after and now they have two kids" or whatever. One step up from that might be a scene where one of the current characters—or the office as a whole—gets a phone call or an email forward or heck, even a birth announcement from an off-screen Michael, whatever the writers need to put a definitive "the end" on his story. 

But what if Carell did concede to a top-secret cameo? For the record, I've always thought it'd be weird for Michael to ever completely cut ties with the Scranton gang. Plus, doesn't his mom live in Pennsylvania? So it'd be easy to bring him back to town for a visit. He wouldn't even have to interact with the Dunder-Mifflin folks on purpose; what if Dwight or Jim or Pam accidentally ran into Michael somewhere outside the office? Or, better yet, can you imagine Toby being outed as the true Scranton Strangler because Michael catches him in the act? Even in a worst-case scenario, we could learn that the documentary crew sent somebody out to Colorado to get to some footage of Michael and Holly living happily ever after. 

Point is, yes, I want to see Michael again. And I'm gonna be kinda bummed by this latest gossip if things don't go my way. I'm fully aware that I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment. But what do YOU think? 

Also: If you do think we'll see Carell in the finale, how do you think it'll happen?

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