New Susan Boyle is Cute, Blonde

This is Jackie Evancho. She is ten years old, and she will make you feel inferior.

Here's TBS's TV spot for Coco's still-untitled late-night show, which is supposed to premiere this fall. Whaddaya think?

And here's the first Season 4 trailer for Chuck. Get pumped!

As I'm sure you're all aware, Sofia Vergara is an endless delight.

Here's what's coming up next season on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Lucky Atlanta. I wish Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman would give me my weather forecast in the morning.


... Johnny Carson now has a website, and it contains tons of archived footage from his Tonight Show days. It will distract you from your work indefinitely.

... Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels is never going to retire. Ever.

... Apparently America thinks that Sasha Grey should have shaved down there before she bared all on Entourage.

... Here's an interview with Jared Harris, a.k.a. Mad Men's Lane Pryce and Fringe's David Robert Jones.

... Jimmy Fallon is the most web-savvy of the late-night hosts, whatever that means.

... Look! It's a picture of Coco when he was young and innocent!

... The fact that Charlie Sheen earns more than Tina Fey makes me kinda sick.

... TV Guide made this list of TV's greatest quitters.

... Okay, Taiwanese News, you can stop now. Here's the latest animated news story, a simulation of the flight attendant breakdown thing.

... All you need to know is the title of this Tumblr: Pete Campbell's Bitchface.

... The descriptions of the items for sale at the Lost auction are just as confusing as the show.

... Bill O'Reilly really hates Jennifer Aniston. I feel a remix coming on!

... Jennifer Garner taught Ellen DeGeneres to do a very odd workout routine

... These well-dressed TV dudes would qualify as Dapper Dan men, right?

... The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer knows how to make a pretty penny.

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I wish Michael Cera had been on screen a little more.
She's good. I hope she doesn't crumble under pressure like SuBo. Judging by her age though I'm more worried she'll become the next Britney or Lindsey Lohan
Sofia Vergara.. HHHHHHOT! (Caliente)
michael cera did nothing, what the heck?
Jackie Evancho, This tiny "thng" is a new mp3 player, artificial skin, probably made in Japan. Just kidding...Wow!
I really like the CoCo promo, very Pythonesque. :)
Trailer for the clone wars looks great.

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