New US Shows: The Ones We Want and the Ones We’re Actually Getting

America’s 2011/12 TV season hasn’t even started but already we’ve got pilot envy. So far only a handful of the top networks’ potential gems have been picked up by cautious British broadcasters. Here’s’s guide to what to watch – and what to wish for.

Pan Am preview

Allen Gregory
E4’s newly acquired cartoon is about a boy genius who has to attend elementary school with normal kids (gasp!). Critics haven’t exactly been positive about this show, so let’s move on...

Apartment 23
Ever wondered what became of long-faced Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek? Don’t worry, we hadn’t either. Anyhow, he’s finally remerged. E4 has bought the UK rights to this ABC comedy, staring Van Der Beek as a sex-crazed, post-Creek version of himself.

The Americans love a good remake! Their latest, a wartime drama based on the Israeli version of Prisoners of War, will air on Channel 4 in the UK. We’re not complaining; the Showtime series boasts an impressive casts including Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.

Napoleon Dynamite
The second animated sitcom bought by E4 is this TV spin-off of Napoleon Dynamite. Based on the indie movie sensation, this cartoon follows the life of the awkward main character and his friends.

New Girl
E4 will also show Fox’s new sitcom, which originally brandished a dirtier title: Chicks and D**ks. Zooey Deschanel plays Jess Day who, having split from her boyfriend, decides to share a flat with three guys.

Pan Am
The BBC has largely removed itself from the acquisitions market, so someone must have a huge amount of faith in this pilot about pilots (and air hostesses). The 1960s set drama starring Christina Ricci will go out on BBC Two.

Terra Nova
Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi dinosaur series was snapped up by BSkyB and will air this autumn. A family from the 22nd century travel to prehistoric times to try and save mankind.

Elijah Wood stars in this new comedy drama, about a man who sees his next door neighbour’s dog as a man dressed in an animal suit. OK, it sounds ridiculous, but the clips look hilarious! So much so, BBC Three have picked up the UK rights.

2 Broke Girls
Billed as a female Odd Couple, it’s a laughter-track sitcom about two New York waitresses who want to open a cupcake shop. Critics say the writing is smart so we want in.

Since Buffy ended in 2003, Sarah Michelle Gellar has specialised in Scooby Doo movies. Now, she’s back on the small screen in CW’s thriller about a woman who steals her identical twin’s identity. One for ITV2 or Sky Living, perhaps?

J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi drama is The Rock meets Lost, but so far no UK network has bitten. A group of prisoners and guards who disappeared 30 years ago resurface in the present day.

Here’s another contender for “the new Lost”. A detective wakes up after a car crash to discover that his wife had died. Then he skips over to a parallel universe where his wife survived but his son was killed. The trailer looks superb.

Premiering on ABC is this comedy from the makers of Parks and Recreation. A teenage girl is devastated when her dad moves her from New York to the suburbs. It’s, like, so not fair.

We can’t believe there are still no takers for the new Dallas. Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray will reprise their roles for the 10 episodes TNT has so far ordered. Desperate Housewives’ Jesse Metcalfe will play Bobby Ewing’s son Christopher.

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Jan 10, 2015
There are many shows that I am following and watching but sadly some will be included on my wishlist. I like Terra Nova
Aug 09, 2011
Channel 4 has now bought Charlie's Angels as well! Am hoping that the reason they haven't bid for Awake, Revenge, Ringer is because they have either already been purchased by UK broadcasters or there is a massive bidding process which means they will be getting purchased shortly? Here is hoping!
Aug 08, 2011
Ringer, Alcatraz and Awake for me. Maybe Homeland.

I won't bother waiting to see if UK networks pick them up, though.
Aug 06, 2011
Channel 4 has just bought 2 broke girls, now if only someone would buy ringer and revenge.

Also Alcatraz has already been purchased by a UK broadcaster they just haven't announced it yet.
Aug 03, 2011
Apartment 23 and Pan Am look interesting.
Aug 02, 2011
I'm really looking forward to Alcatraz, Homeland and Appartment 23. Not sure about Terra Nova, Ringer or Awake but I'll give them all a try. Wilfred is great by the way, very funny and unique (bar the Australian original that is).
Aug 02, 2011
All I want to know is we will ever see season 3 of Breaking Bad in the UK or even get a DVD release. I am not usually one to find it online but I am getting annoyed now that no one seems to have the rights in the UK.
Aug 01, 2011
Looking forward to Homeland, Ringer, Alcatraz and especially Awake.
Aug 01, 2011
That Allen Gregory just looks like malcom in the middle. Gotta say, none of them especially float my boat.


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