New Year Highlights 2010

If your New Year's resolution is to watch less TV, then take it back, right now. You really don't want to miss the treats scheduled to pep you up post-Christmas and pull you through those long, cold nights. So you know what's worth watching, we've rounded up the season's highlights.

So You Think You can Dance, BBC1 (Saturday, January 2)
Remember nasty Nigel Lythgoe from Popstars? No? Well, anyway, he's got a new show. The pop mogul and ex Strictly judge Arlene Phillips are holding UK auditions to find the nation's best dancer. The format's already huge in the States so it's unlikely to bomb over here.

Wallander, BBC1 (Sunday, January 3)
Kenneth Branagh returns as the sullen Swedish detective in three new episodes adapted from Henning Mankell's novels. First off, there's a bloody double murder at a farmhouse. Perhaps it will distract the aging cop from his messy personal life.

Nurse Jackie, BBC2 (Monday, January 4)
Edie Falco (The Sopranos) plays a New York nurse with a hard shell and a (partially) soft centre. Jackie has a penchant for prescription drugs but most people and situations are an irritant. In episode one, a patient's death has her rattling a junior doctor's cage.

90210, E4 (Tuesday, January 5)
It’s series two and the Beverly Hills kids start their junior high school year. And we're assured that it'll be an explosive season. The summer break is over. New relationships have been forged while others have broken apart. Bring it on.

Glee, E4 (Monday, January 11)
You've seen the pilot, now it's time for the series. Those sweet teen songsters aren't in for an easy ride. Gym teacher Sue Sylvester wants to destroy Glee club to stop it stealing funds away from her precious cheerleading squad. Their teacher, Mr Schuester, might have something to say about that.

The Simpsons, Sky One (Thursday, January 14)
Unbelievably, it's the dysfunction cartoon family's 20th anniversary this January. And they haven't aged a day. To celebrate, its makers are rolling out yet another series – the 21st. In episode one, Homer gets the starring role in a superhero movie, and a personal trainer.

24, Sky One (Sunday, January 24)
Somehow he's still alive, so Jack Bauer's back for an eighth day of mayhem. His work will take him east, to the recently re-activated CTU, New York branch. Things could get ugly if his phone battery dies or he needs a toilet break. Terrorists wait for no man, or bladder.

Shameless, C4 (Tuesday, January 26)
Pauline McLynn (Mrs Doyle from Father Ted) joins the cast as a librarian and love interest for hapless Frank. Also in season seven, the Maguire clan welcome a new arrival and little Liam start secondary school and develops his first crush.

Lost, Sky One (TBC)
The final season is upon us, and who knows what will happen. Or, if we're honest, what's already happened. We hope that this show about an angry, time travelling island and some sexy castaways will bow out leaving us less confused than we have been all the way through.

Heroes, BBC2 (TBC)
Our super men and women have moved on with their lives, but something tells us this fourth series will have them back saving the world soon enough. They'll be joined by new hero, Samuel (Robert Knepper) -- a man with the power to move earth and water.

Nip Tuck, FX (TBC)
So, Christian isn't dying, which means series won't have to struggle on with a man down. Will season six see him go back to womanizing or stay faithful to new wife Liz? Sean, meanwhile, is loved up but worried about the practice and its finances. We're sure everything will turn out horribly.

Being Human, BBC3 (TBC)
Americans aren't the only one who can make vampire dramas. Yes, they do it better, but our effort isn't bad. Which, presumably, is why Being Human got a second season. First order of business: George has to deal with some post-murder fallout.

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Jan 03, 2010
Can't wait for LOST; I really hope we finally get some answers. Will miss Sawyer though. ;O)
Jan 03, 2010
Heroes series 4 starts next Saturday (9th) 10.10pm BBC2 double bill.
Dec 30, 2009
Can someone, anyone PLEASE get the BBC to announce when they are showing series four of Heroes?!?