New Year TV Guide 2009

Celebrity Big Brother

Friday 2 January, Channel 4

Celebrity Big Brother is back after taking a year's break following the race row between Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody. The latest celebrities to enter the house will be introduced by Davina McCall in early January. show rating: 6.8 / Last series rating: 7.5 / This series rating: N/A

Demons" link="//demons-uk/show/76510/summary.html"_blank" loc="right"> Demons

Saturday 3 January, ITV1

This new vampire drama starring Philip Glenister (Ashes to Ashes) gives a contemporary spin on Bram Stoker's Dracula. Teaming up with young accomplices, Glenister fights the mythical creatures lurking above and below the streets of London. show rating: N/A / Last series rating: N/A / This series rating: N/A

The Sunday Night Project

Sunday 4 January, Channel 4

Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins return to our screens with the latest series of their comedy quiz show. Who will guest star this series? show rating: 8.5 / Last series rating: 9.8 / This series rating: N/A

Waterloo Road

Wednesday 7 January , BBC1

The teachers at Waterloo Road are more determined than ever to get everything back on track this term following last season's fire which nearly destroyed the school. show rating: 8.3 / Last series rating: 9.0 / This series rating: N/A


Thursday 8 January, BBC1

Mickey "Bricks" Stone returns from Australia for a new series of Hustle. Undeterred by the credit crunch, the con artists set about putting their latest money swindling plans into action. show rating: 8.5 / Last series rating: 8.8 / This series rating: N/A


Thursday 8 January, More4

In early January the hospital drama returns to the UK with its fifteenth and final series, currently scoring an average of 8.1 on Catch up with the medics as they deal with the devastating repercussions of the ambulance explosion. show rating: 8.9 / Last series rating: 9.0 / This series rating: 8.1


Thursday 8 January, ITV1

Dexter, one of TV's most popular murderers, returns for a second series this month. The series, which has already gained impressive international reviews, sees Dexter facing big problems when his underwater grave is discovered. show rating: 9.1 / Last series rating: 9.0 / This series rating: 9.2


Friday 9 January, Five

Season five gets off to an explosive start this month when Tony's car is blown up. The latest series, which has already gained an average rating of 8.7, follows the team as they continue to investigate crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel. show rating: 9.1 / Last series rating: 9.2 / This series rating: 8.7

Plus One

Friday 9 January, Channel 4

Following its Pilot in 2007, the British comedy is back for a full series. Will Rob ever get over the fact that his ex-girlfriend left him to marry Duncan from Blue? show rating: N/A / Last series rating: N/A / This series rating: N/A


Friday January 9, Five

There are more complicated FBI cases to be solved in the fifth series of Numb3rs and Don and Charlie return to crack them with their canny use of mathematics. Gaining an average ratings score of 8.8, the latest series promises to bring escaped criminals, explosions and cover-ups. show rating: 8.9 / Last series rating: 9.0 / This series rating: 8.8

Trial and Retribution

Friday 9 January, ITV1

The latest series, which consists of three cases, will push the detectives to their limits this January. In 2008 the crime drama drew an average of 5.4 million viewers and a average rating of 7.5. Will this year's series beat that? show rating: 6.7 / Last series rating: 7.5 / This series rating: N/A


Saturday 10 January, Five

CSI's second spin-off returns for a fifth series this month. The series, which currently scores an average rating of 7.9, begins with the team searching for Mac, who was kidnapped at the end of the season four. Will they be able to find him? show rating: 8.8 / Last series rating: 8.6 / This series rating: 7.9

Law and Order

Saturday 10 January, Five

The longest running crime series returns to the UK for its fifteenth series this month. Throughout the series, currently given a rating of 7.1, the team investigate an array of crimes, beginning with the coldblooded murder of a female soldier. show rating: 8.9 / Last series rating: 7.9 / This series rating: 7.1


Monday 12 January, Sky1

It's been two years since the last 24 series aired in the UK, but the wait is finally over--Jack Bauer returns with the highly anticipated seventh series in Mid-January. The latest season follows on from the success of 24: Redemption, a two-hour special that bridged the gap between the sixth and seventh series in November, gaining an average of 405,000 viewers. show rating: 9.1 / Last series rating: 8.9 / This series rating: N/A


Tuesday 13 January, Five

The ninth series kicks off with a bang this month when an officer is shot down. But what the team don't know is that the officer investigating the crime is the murderer. show rating: 9.1 / Last series rating: 8.8 / This series rating: 8.7

Project Runway

Wednesday 14 January, Sky1

Heidi Klum returns to our screens with the fifth season of Project Runway in 2009. Which designer will win the fashion competition this year? show rating: 8.7 / Last series rating: 8.8 / This series rating: 8.5

The Border

Friday 16 January, FX

The first series of this drama, currently given an average rating of 9.1, comes to the UK this month. Set in Toronto, the show follows the members of an elite immigration security unit. show rating: 8.2 / Last series rating: N/A / This series rating: 9.1

Generation Kill

Sunday 25 January, FX

The UK premiere of this mini-series tells the true story of combat during the first stages of the Iraq war. Receiving mixed reviews from international users, the series scored an average rating of 8.4. show rating: 7.8 / Last series rating: N/A / This series rating: 8.4

American Dad

Thursday 29 January, FX

Stan Smith, the dysfunctional CIA agent, and his family return to UK screens for a fourth series: Steve hits puberty, Roger celebrates his 1,600th birthday and Hayley falls for her dad's body double. show rating: 8.4 / Last series rating: 8.6 / This series rating: 7.8


TBC, Sky1

Still trying to work out the mysteries surrounding series four? Well fear not, the penultimate season of Lost returns to Sky1 this month. Discover why Ben is so insistent that the Oceanic Six must go back to the island together and why they need to take the deceased Locke with them. show rating: 9.2 / Last series rating: 8.0 / This series rating: 8.7

Battlestar Galactica

Tuesday 20 January, Sky1

Battlestar Galactica returns from its break with the second half of the fourth and final series. What will the Human and Cylons do now they've discovered that Earth is a baron wasteland? show rating: 9.1 / Last series rating: 8.7 / This series rating: 8.3


TBC, Sky1

Watch out—Wolf is back in the arena! The old Gladiator favourite will be joined by new gladiators, new events and a new-look eliminator when the second series starts this January. show rating: N/A / Last series rating: N/A / This series rating: N/A

Brothers and Sisters

TBC, More4

The US drama returns to the UK in early January with its third series. This series, given an average ranking of 9.8, is the most popular on and as usual it's not all plain sailing for the Walker family. show rating: 9.0 / Last series rating: 9.1 / This series rating: 9.8


TBC, Channel 4

The lawless, loveable characters from the Chatsworth Estate are back at the end of January for a sixth series. Expect fake suicides, joyriding and lesbian romps. show rating: 8.8 / Last series rating: 9.2 / This series rating: N/A


Monday 26 January, E4

The Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off arrives in the UK at the end of January. The drama about a family who have recently moved to Beverly Hills has gained mixed reviews so far, with the original version from 1990 currently receiving a show score 0.8 greater than 90210's. Which will you prefer? show rating: 7.8 / Last series rating: N/A / This series rating: 8.1

Pushing Daisies

Friday 30 January, ITV1

Following the news that Pushing Daisies has been cancelled by ABC, there is finally some good news for the show's UK fans--the second series begins at the end of January! show rating: 8.9 / Last series rating: 9.0 / This series rating: 9.0

Dancing on Ice

Sunday January 11, ITV1

Move over Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor, there's a new reality series in town--Skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean train the latest team of celebrities to dance on ice in the latest series, due this January. show rating: 7.9 / Last series rating: 9.3 / This series rating: N/A

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i be watching cold case csi miami and csi ny , lost corner
Lost and Battlestar Galactica looking forward to returning especially the latter. Already seen Dexter (it was great) but might watch it again. I'm intrigued by the two new shows starting on FX as well especially Generation Kill.
Cant wait for Lost and Shameless. But they have no dates set also 24 should be good. Dexter season 2 is a really good season.
way to go for linking this article to 12045.html when it's supposed to be the top 100 list where do i find that part of the list now? utter genius, site redesign was frustrating enough
Demons and Hustle. Man-oh-man they are great shows
What about House??
Chuck is due to return in mid-February but there has not been a date confirmed yet and the word from ITV2 is that Gossip Girl is due 'early 2009'. Sorry we couldn't add every show. For info on upcoming US shows later in the year check out this this forum.
what about chuck and gossip girl?
Big fan of TSCC (WHICH CLEARLY THE ADMINISTRATORS OF THIS SITE ARE NOT), and will be looking forward to its return to televsion in mid Feb 2009. It would seem that a VERY SELECT little group of shows get the majority of coverage on this site.
I'm anxious for Lost!
Wow the line-up for Jan looks great! I can't wait for Hustle and Lost to return! :D
Numb3rs - yay! I've already seen as much of this series as possible, but its always better on a tv screen
Lost is back :D

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