News Briefs: A The Walking Dead Movie Could Happen


... This is a long, long way away from happening or even being sketched on a cocktail napkin, but it's worth noting. There are rumors that the idea of a The Walking Dead feature film, based on the show and not the comics, is being bandied about by those with the power to make it happen. The idea would be to—maybe—wrap things up for the series in movie theaters once the television run ends. This obviously makes sense for a million reasons (999,999 of them being zombies!), but the show's gotta end first. And the way the series is performing, AMC likely has no intentions of ending it until well into the 2000-teens. [Bloody Disgusting]

... If you're a fan of totally f---ing with people, you'll like this. Spike TV is bringing back a new take on The Joe Schmo Show, a reality show from 2003 that was completely staged except for one contestant (the Schmo-y Joe) who believed it was all real. The new version, titled Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty, will set up a fake reality competition program that sees reality-show archetypes and one unsuspecting guy trying out to be a bounty hunter and attempting to win $100,000. Bonus: Lorenzo Lamas is playing himself. Look for the new season to debut in 2013. [EW]

... HBO has ordered a pilot for Getting On, an adaption of the British series that debuted in 2009. The dark comedy is set in a geriatric ward in a rundown hospital that's struggling with a limited budget and a broken healthcare system. Sounds HILARIOUS! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Remember that time NBC hosted the Olympics? Well the network sure does and it wants to tell you how awesome the Olympics were for it. The network says 219 million Americans watched the international hottie contest, making it the most-watched television event ever in the U.S. after a bunch of fine print and ignoring the part where it was on for 17 days. Primetime coverage averaged 31 million viewers, making it the most-watched foreign-based Olympics coverage in 36 years. Okay NBC, we get it. Get over yourself. [Washington Post]


... When How I Met Your Mother's Barney needs some pre-nuptial agreements sorted out, he better call Saul! Or maybe Arthur Hobbs! Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk will guest-star on the second episode of the upcoming season of the CBS comedy, reprising his role as Hobbs, the boss of Goliath National Bank. It'll actually be Hobbs' corporate lawyer who does the negotiating. [TV Line]

... Mindy Kaling has executed a perfectly fundamental chest pass of casting for her new comedy The Mindy Project. NBA pros Amare Stoudemire, Baron Davis, and Danny Granger will all play themselves in a future episode of the series, when Mindy's gynecologist character stumbles into the VIP section of a club. [EW]

... Emily Procter (CSI: Miami) is joining White Collar as the new boss of the New York White Collar Division. She'll appear in two episodes as a hard-ass boss. [TV Guide]

... In acronym news, Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Kathryn Erbe will appear in Law & Order: SVU as her character Alexandra Eames next season. She'll meet up with the SVU people when a case crosses jurisdictions. [TV Line]

... Ryan Lochte, you just won a ton of medals at the 2012 Olympic Games! What are you going to do next? "Guest star on 90210!" Oh. [TV Line]

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