News Briefs: A&E Is in for Another Season of The Glades


... A & E is staying in The Glades. The fourth season of the drama, about a detective in southern Florida, will debut in early 2013. I've really stretched out my knowledge of The Glades for this news blurb! [A & E via press release]

... Cougar Town has a premiere date: Season 4 begins Tuesday, January 8 on the series' new home of TBS, as sung by the cast in the following video (which also features a coolcoolcool cameo by the series' biggest fan):

... Does The CW want a show about a monster high school? Of course it does! Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, etc.), Bret Easton Ellis (the author of American Psycho), and Catherine Hardwicke (the director of Twilight) have sold Copeland Prep to the network. The drama is about a competitive secondary school that turns its students into monsters, because, ummm, I dunno. I couldn't really figure it out. Are we talking teenage Wolfman and teenage Frankenstein or completely new monsters? These are important details, Hollywood trades. Do your job! This also marks Schwartz's 78th show in development at The CW give or take a billion. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Community's Donald Glover is developing a new comedy at NBC loosely based on his life. He'll star in it, too, if the project makes it to series. So does that mean he's leaving Community? No! He's still good to go for Season 4, and then he'll be free to work on his new show when Community is canceled after the upcoming season. Listen, I love Community just as much as you do, I'm just getting mentally ready for reality. [TV Guide]

... In addition to lighting someone on fire last night, Sons of Anarchy kicked some serious ass in the ratings department. The Season 5 premiere was watched by 5.37 million viewers, not only good enough to be a series high, but (probably) also a network high (FX still has to crunch some numbers). If anyone needs more proof that posting older series on Netflix streaming works, here it is. [FX via press release]

... NBC had a few new comedies make time-period debuts last night, so let's see how they did, shall we? Go On, which I liked, drew a solid 9.6 million viewers and a 3.4 rating in the 18-49 demo. That was followed by The New Normal, which Price thought was okay (I hate it), drawing an audience of 7 million and a 2.5 demo rating. Both were strategically placed after The Voice, which is serving as the great launching pad for new shows this season for NBC. [TV Line]

... Bravo is rebooting the great 1989 film Heathers for television. And the network is doing it in a very lame way. The new version will feature the daughter of Winona Ryder's character in high school, coping with the cruel attitudes of the Heathers' daughters, this time called the Ashleys. It's like, "Hey let's remake Star Wars with Luke's son flying around space with Han's son and Chewbacca's son and the decapitated head of Jar Jar Binks!" Okay that last bit was a some fantasizing by me. [THR]

... Entourage creator Doug Ellin is almost done with his Entourage feature screenplay, which will take place six months after the series ended. This is fantastic news for all seven people who still think Entourage is a good show. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Everyboringman Jason Biggs has landed a role on Netflix's original Orange Is the New Black, from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan. The dramedy takes place in a women's prison, which is okay by me. Biggs will play the fiancé of the main character, who gets thrown in the slammer due to an old relationship with a drug dealer. [THR]

... Bill Maher will play himself in an upcoming episode of The Good Wife. Sample dialogue... Alicia: I agree with this guy's stances but does he have to be so annoying about it? [THR]

... Hey, this is kind of cool! Jonathan Banks, who just wrapped playing Mike on Breaking Bad, will guest-star on Parks and Recreation as Ben's dad. Look for his appearance in late October or early November. And he better kill someone on the show. [Hitfix]

... Saturday Night Live is re-electing a new cast member to play President Barack Obama. Jay Pharaoh will take over for Fred Armisen in the upcoming season, which begins this weekend. [NY Times]

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