News Briefs: American Idol Is Close to Signing Nicky Minaj, Keith Urban as Judges


... I love rumors! They're just like news, except they don't have to be real! Not quite real today is word of American Idol filling out its judges' table for next season with the previously rumored day-glo hippity-hopper Nicky Minaj and the new-in-the-mix country twanger Keith Urban near deals. Since there have been two rumors about a Minaj deal, let's say that's true. As for Urban, he apparently undercut previous candidate Brad Paisley by asking for just $3-4 million in salary. Look for Paisley's new single, "Keith Urban is a Dick," later this year. How does a Nicky Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and Randy Jackson judges' table sound to you? [THR]


... Remember when Anger Management debuted on FX and we were all like "Holy smoke-ums! Dat's a biggie audience!" Well, first of all, we should stop talking like that. It's embarrassing. Second of all, the first-season finale aired last night and the numbers were kind of bad, relatively. After opening to 5.741 million in the series premiere, the Anger Management's finale drew just 1.976 million. FX has a ton riding on the show's performance. The network agreed to renew the series for 90 episodes if the average ratings for Season 1 reached a certain mark. A renewal seemed like a sure thing a month ago, but is now in question. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Showtime is getting the girls together for pink drinks and developing Guide to Divorce, a comedy about a quartet of women in their 40s dealing with divorce. You go, girls, and get out there and find a new man that you'll divorce in a couple years! [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC is putting some money into Big City, a new half-hour comedy from 30 Rock writers Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan. The show would follow a suburban family that's trapped in the big city! Wow, TV just keeps cranking out the unique storylines! [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC is also developing a drama from J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5. The untitled series is a thriller about a pandemic, and will be told with procedural and serialized elements. [Deadline Hollywood]


... The Simpsons will borrow Tom Waits' scraggly voice for an upcoming episode. The singer will play himself and introduce Homer to a group of survivalists that are preparing for a worldwide disaster, like a meteor crashing into Earth, a zombie outbreak, or uprising of the dolphins. What!? Dolphins are just biding their time before they slaughter us all in tuna nets. [TV Line]

... Denise Richards will guest star on 90210 because that's where all celebrity jokes go to guest star. She'll play the head of an exclusive women's club. Richards herself is a member of a not-so-exclusive women's club: those who have banged Charlie Sheen. Hey-yo! [EW]

... Some rapper named T.I. is guest starring on CBS' Hawaii Five-0. He'll play–yep–a criminal. [TV Line]

... Matt Jones, currently playing guitar badly on Breaking Bad, has been cast on–oh no!–the potential The Office spinoff about Dwight Schrute's beet farm called The Farm. The role would be Dwight's cousin Zeke. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Herry Nelson, the voice of Sesame Street's The Count, passed away today at the age of 1! 2! 3! 4! ... 78. [People]

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