News Briefs: An NBC Affiliate in Utah Is Pulling Hannibal Because of Its Violence


... Salt Lake City's NBC affiliate has had it up to here with indecent content! First it was the lasciviousness of The Playboy Club! Then it was the assault on family values from The New Normal! And now it's the gross violence of Hannibal! The station, KSL-TV, has decided to not air the show anymore due to its "extensive graphic nature." If anyone from Salt Lake City wants to watch Hannibal, you are more than welcome to come over to my house to watch. Just please bring your own Snuggie. Last time I needed to get the Jaws of Life to get me and @JT_Kirk out of the one we shared. [Variety

... In other Hannibal news, show creator Bryan Fuller would like you to know that the unaired fourth episode, which was first pulled due to potentially sensitive content and then reduced (like sauce!) into a web series, is now available on iTunes. But it ain't free. So THAT's their trick. [iTunes]


... TNT has upped the episode order for the second season of Major Crimes from 15 episodes to 19 episodes following its wildly successful first season, which averaged 7 million viewers per episode. The network was also feeling generosity toward Perception, and ordered an extra episode of that, too. Both Franklin and Bash are still waiting by their phones. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central is adding a third daily-ish show to its nighttime lineup, this one hosted by Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead). The untitled program will air after The Colbert Report and the format will be panel-based and rely heavily on social media. Oh boy, 30 minutes of Hardwick checking his Facebook page. Just kidding, Chris! This actually gets a thumbs-up from me. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Another week, another series-high rating for Game of Thrones. And it jumped up big! 5.3 million people watched the first airing, up from the previous series high of 4.9 million set a week before. This time, it boosted Veep to a season high (1.3 million) as well. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Netflix has slapped a premiere date on Orange is the New Black, its next original series. The show from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan will debut July 11 and release all its episodes at once, as is the Netflix way. Orange is the New Black is a dramedy about a woman who gets thrown in jail and must learn to adapt to her new surroundings. I'm almost more excited about this than I am about the return of Arrested Development, and yeah, that makes me a bad person. [Netflix via press release]


... The Pretty Little Liars spin-off Ravenswood has found its chunk o' hunk male lead. Tyler Blackburn, who currently stars on PLL as Caleb, will depart the ABC Family hit for the spin-off and start his journey in the annual PLL Halloween episode. If Caleb had a hard time with homicidal teen cliques, it won't be much better for him in Ravenswood. The show is set in the titular Pennsylvania town, which happens to suffer a curse that five youngsters must unravel. Ravenswood will premiere the day after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode. [ABC Family via press release]

... Royal Pains is welcoming some cool guest-stars to its fifth season, foremost among them being Community's Danny Pudi. Abed will play a radio personality who gets help from the doc when he loses his voice before a career-making gig. Also coming to Royal Pains will be Grimm's Claire Coffee and Tony-winner Stephen Spinella. [TV Line]

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