News Briefs: And the First Heroes Character to Be Reborn Is...


... HRG returns! The folks behind Heroes: Reborn, NBC's upcoming event series based on the network's once-popular Heroeshaven't asked Hayden "Save the Cheerleader" Panettiere to join the fun, but that's not the case with Jack Coleman, who played her father Noah Bennett on the original series. Coleman will reprise his fan-favorite role of HRG when the series premieres/returns (what's the proper usage here?). [Deadline]


... Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup—a.k.a. The Powerpuff Girls—have a new mission: to save Cartoon Network. Look for the popular series about pint-sized superheroes, which originally ran from 1998 until 2005, to return with all-new episodes in 2016. [Cartoon Network via press release]

... Netflix has ordered 12 episodes of Ever After High, an animated series based on the Mattel franchise of the same name. The show is slated to premiere next year and follows the sons and daughters of famous fairytale characters, including Snow White. Wait, why does this sound familiar? Oh, right. Webisodes are currently available to view on Netflix and [The Wrap]

... Some people in the U.K. are pissed off that an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo aired uncensored and their 6-year-olds were watching. The episode contained, according to independent regulator Ofcom, "five instances of 'fuck' or 'fucking'; 11 instances of 'shit'; and one instance of 'bitch.'" I'm sorry, which part are we supposed to be upset about? The cursing or the fact that someone somewhere is letting their 6-year-old watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? [The Wrap]

... NBC and the team who brought you The Tudors are currently developing an eight-part event series chronicling the history of The Beatles. Quick question: Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers more of a Lennon or a McCartney? (Note to NBC: This is a joke.) [Deadline]

... Actor and comedian Christopher Titus (Titus) has been tapped to host Pawnography—which, no, is not a fetish show for porn addicts with lisps. Rather, it's a spin-off game show of History's popular series Pawn Stars that will see the Pawn Stars themselves playing trivia in an attempt to win priceless items from one of the guys' collections. The show debuts Thursday, July 10 at 10pm. [The Wrap]

... Season 2 of Gravity Falls, Disney's animated series about twins Dipper (Jason Ritter) and Mabel Pines (Kristen Schaal) and their adventures at their wacky uncle's house, will premiere Friday, August 1 at 9pm. If you end up missing it because you're living in a cave without a DVR, don't worry, you'll be able to catch it on Disney XD Monday, August 4 at 9m. [Disney via press release]

... Leading toy manufacturer Fisher-Price is turning its Little People toys in to an animated TV show with a target launch date of 2015. So that's happening. [Variety]

... First Daughter Malia Obama was spotted working as a production assistant on reshoots of Halle Berry's new alien drama Extant. In case you didn't already feel shitty about the state of your own life, Malia will turn 16 on July 4. [The Wrap]


... Did you watch Game of Thrones' Season 4 finale? Congratulations, you and 7.1 million people watched SPOILER SPOILER on a SPOILER together! The show's Season 4 finale was up 32 percent from its Season 3 finale, and the highest-rated season-ender to date. However, that still doesn't make it the highest-rated episode of Game of Thrones ever; that honor belongs to Moon Door-friendly "Mockingbird," Season 4's seventh episode. [HBO via press release]


... New faces are coming to Haven! Laura Mennell of Syfy’s Alphas has joined the cast in the recurring role of Dr. Erin Reid, "a brilliant (and, well, beautiful) epidemiologist" from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Her character arrives in town because she fears that it's at risk of a deadly viral outbreak. Because that's always a good sign that you should book a trip! [TV Line]

... Orange Is the New Black, which is currently filming its third season, continues to tinker with its cast members' titles. Yael Stone, who plays Morello, has been upped to a series regular status after appearing in nearly every episode of the series to date. [Deadline]

... Zendaya Coleman, who starred in the Disney series Shake It Up! and who appeared on Dancing With the Stars this past season, has been cast as Aaliyah in Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, a new biopic that's in the works at Lifetime. Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001 at the age of 22. [THR]

... Arrow is currently casting four new roles for Season 3, including a new love interest for Felicity. No, do not adjust the volume on your computer, that sound you hear is a thousand Olicity shippers' hearts breaking in unison. "Daniel" is described as being extremely attractive (duh doy), and he also poses a threat to Oliver both personally and professionally (Luke Mitchell, please call your agent!). There's also "Seth," a new criminal in Starling City who drains his victims of their willpower. Lastly, "Toshi" and "Akiko" will appear in Oliver's flashbacks. Toshi is a handler and a friend, and Akiko is Toshi's wife. She's also a skilled martial artist. Start your dream casting in the comments!  [TV Line]


... Did we wake up in an alternate reality, or is The New York Times praising Nathan Fielder's (Nathan For You) "Ingenious Dumb Humor"? [NY Times]

... Everything Orange Is the New Black taught you about training coackroaches is a hoax. [New Republic]


... Radio icon Casey Kasem passed away over the weekend. 

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