News Briefs: Anger Management Lost a Lot of Viewers in Week 2


... The second week of Charlie Sheen's new comedy Anger Management was not as kind as the first. The series' third episode (the series premiere was comprised of two back-to-back episodes) lost 38 percent of the total viewers who tuned in during premiere week, down to 3.37 million from 5.47 million. Those are still solid numbers for basic cable, but the question now is whether the show's viewership will continue to drop like Charlie Sheen's pants at a drug orgy or whether it will stay where it is like Charlie Sheen's pants at a drug orgy after they've already dropped. If FX ultimately chooses to renew the show, it will be for a whopping 90 episodes, so discretion is advised. [Deadline Hollywood]

... There might be a spin-off of '80s children's show Fraggle Rock on the way! It would focus on the Doozer characters, which were the tiny guys in the acid trip of a show. I never watched Fraggle Rock because I never had HBO as a kid and no one else in my traveling gypsy circus did either. [Huffington Post]

... Nickelodeon's horrible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles redo has a premiere date: Saturday, September 29 at 11am. [EW]

... Jennifer Lopez is bringing her savvy television production skills to ABC Family. Hot on the heels of her sizzling hit Q'Viva!: The Chosen and yes I'm being sarcastic, La Booty is developing a drama about a lesbian couple that has their life shaken up when they let a wayward teenage girl move into their house, which is already home to a biological son and adopted twins and really Jennifer Lopez? What the heck is this? Did you just pick a few random plot ideas out of one of your stupid hats? [Deadline Hollwood]

... Parks and Recreation will be shooting scenes in Washington, D.C. for its Season 5 premiere! In the Season 4 finale, Ben made plans to move to the nation's capital, so the show will film on-location instead of green-screening in some of the country's most expensive strip clubs. [TV Line]


... Smash has promoted Leslie Odom Jr., who plays Sam, to series regular for Season 2. The NBC drama has also added Krysta Rodriguez as a series regular, and she'll play Karen's roommate Ana. Hooray. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC's Up All Night has added Luka Jones as the younger brother of Christina Applegate's character Reagan. Great. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW's 90210 is writing off its cowboy character Austin (Justin Deeley). Whoopie. [TV Line]

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