News Briefs: Arrested Development Sort Of Has a Return Date


... I still won't believe that Netflix is resurrecting Arrested Development until I see Gob Bluth say, "I've made a huge mistake" in a new scene. It all just seems too good to be true. But Netflix insists it's actually happening, and the company even claims to have narrowed down the comedy's return date to an actual month: May. That's narrowed down from "2013" which was narrowed down from "in the next century" which was narrowed down from a whirlwind of rumors and hearsay. The episode count has also been set at 14, and each episode will be told from a different character's point of view. Only Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) will appear in all the episodes. [LA Times]


... You clamored and protested and rallied and Facebooked for Cougar Town not to be canceled, and your voice made TBS save the show and take it into its own fold! So the least you could have done is watch last night's Season 4 premiere. In its TBS debut, Cougar Town drew 2.2 million viewers, less than the premieres of the network's original "comedies" Men At Work (2.6 million) and Sullivan and Son (2.5 million), despite being an established series with a major network upbringing. [EW]

... While other soaps get washed down the cancellation drain or are forced to shamefully live online-only existences, NBC has renewed Days of Our Lives through 2014. The series is NBC's longest-running drama and will live to see its 48th birthday. [TV Line]

... TNT has ordered Cold Justice, a new series about law and order from Law & Order creator and Community inspirer Dick Wolf. But here's the catch! This program is a reality show! Cold Justice follows Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler and Las Vegas crime-scene investigator Yolanda McClary as they warm up cold cases in small towns. [The Wrap]

... ABC has ordered a pilot for Mixology, a comedy from the writers of The Hangover. The show will be set in a New York bar and follow single people as they drink their way to lower standards. [Deadline Hollywood]

... In a mish-mash of FX news, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is pretty close to getting a tenth season and Anger Management will always be on your television. Calling It's Always Sunny one of FX's "four cornerstones," FX boss John Landgraf said there is a "high likelihood" that the show will be renewed beyond its already ordered ninth season. And Charlie Sheen's mass-produced comedy will run 45 new episodes a year. [Deadline Hollywood]

... PaleyFest has added some goodies to its annual two-week ode to television. The year's festival will kick off with a panel for The Walking Dead on March 1. That's followed by Community (March 5), Parenthood (March 7), The Mindy Project (March 8), Nashville (March 9), Arrow (March 9), Dallas (March 10), New Girl (March 11), The Big Bang Theory (March 13), and 2 Broke Girls (March 14). [Deadline Hollywood]


... 30 Rock's star-studded series finale has added one more star for studding. Salma Hayek will reprise her role as nurse Elisa in the hour-long series ender on January 31. [EW]

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Catching up with always sunny on netflix and love it. And cougar town return was awesome. Loved the trailer at he end :)
It's always Sunny's best season was the seventh. Almost every episode of that season was "funny as sh*t". Last season only a couple of episode were that good, but i believe that renewal is a well deserved prize for season 7.
And the people who pulled the plug on Arrested Development must be quoting Gob right now: "I´ve made a huge mistake".
Wasn't the Netflix premiere date for Arrested Development announced a while ago? Seems like this is old news.
I think TBS might have done a better job telling viewers when the show was actually on, they spent too much time reminding people what the show was but every ad I saw told you to go to the TBS website to find out when it was airing, even ads on network THE DAY IT WAS AIRING.

Dick Wolf and reality shows don't generally rocket up the charts.

It's Always Sunny felt really stale a couple seasons back, but the last year or so they've had some of their best moments, so if a 10th season comes, I welcome it where I wouldn't have before. I can't say the same for Anger Management, 3 episodes was enough to tell me how repetitive and hopeless that show was.
Always Sunny is a shell of itself. If it's still considered a cornerstone for FX, then FX has a major overhaul due. Perhaps "The Americans" can help with that.
sucks, not a fan of cougar town but hoping cougar town would go good so that there would be a chance Community would get picked up in case it gets cancelled.

love always sunny, hope it keeps going. The restaurant episode this season was probably the funniest thing I've seen this tv season.
I wonder what FX considers the four cornerstones of their network?

If I had to guess? Archer, Justified, Always Sunny, and maybe American Horror Story.

But that could also just be because those are the only 4 shows of theirs I watch.
One of the four has to be "Sons of Anarchy."
Sad news about Days of Our Lives. Seriously. It's worse than its ever been and I can't believe ratings are there to justify renewal. Maybe it's become so bad, it's good? Maybe with the loss of other soaps, new viewers are getting their fix watching this now? Maybe NBC has nothing to replace it with like ABC did? Maybe it's loyalty of NBC to the show or a need to maintain a soap as part of our cultural or TV history? Friday is its 12,000 episode. Maybe it will be the last I finally watch?
I work for a CBS affiliate and "The Bold & the Beautiful" runs during the last 1/2 hour of my daily shift. I believe it is the highest rated soap left on network television...and it is absolutely horrible!!! Seriously, I want all of the characters to die painfully & embarrassingly. Perhaps B&B and DOOL are new examples of hate-watching?
cougar town has gotten ridiculous!!!!!!

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