News Briefs: Britney Spears and Demi Lovato Are Your New The X Factor Judges


... Britney Spears is still tickin', apparently. Fox has officially announced that Spears is joining the The X Factor as a judge, a job for which she'll be paid something like $15 million. Though we pretty much already knew that. Also joining the show's judging panel is Demi Lovato. You know, the Disney Channel star—even though the Fox press release fails to mention anything about her getting famous on the Disney Channel, probably because Fox is trying to sell her as a sex symbol and/or just doen't want to give ABC any publicity. Britney Spears should be great at judging the all important bean-burrito eating portion of the talent competition. [Fox via press release]


... Syfy has updated its summer to-do list. Item number one: Air the Eureka series finale on July 16. Item number two: Kick off new seasons of Warehouse 13 and Alphas on July 23. Also: Move Lost Girl to Fridays on July 20, and bring back Haunted Collector on June 6, Destination Truth on July 10, Paranormal Witness on August 8, and Face Off on August 21. [TV Line]


... NBC has ordered the pirate series Crossbones, from Luther creator Neil Cross. This will be Cross's first show for NBC, and his also his first time wondering why the heck he agreed to work for NBC. The series is set in 1715, and will raise the question of who's more despicable: Blackbeard and his society of pirates or the British. Well, obviously. [NBC via press release]

... TNT has ordered a pair of reality series that I will never watch. Boston Blue centers on the anti-gang unit of the Boston police department, so of course it's produced by Donnie Wahlberg. 72 Hours is a survival reality competition where teams will be dropped into the wilderness to look for a suitcase of cash. Both shows will debut in 2013. [TNT via press release]

... ABC has promised to deliver an all-star version of Dancing With the Stars, which will bring back former contestants. The next edition will be the best of the worst, ladies and gentlemen. No word on the cast yet, but if there's no Cloris Leachman they really shouldn't be calling this an all-star edition. [ABC via press release]

... HBO is developing an '80s Wall Street drama, and the man who'll be doing all the cocaine is Rob Riggle. Riggle will play a financial boss who leads an unhealthy life. Call it Upper Eastside-bound and Way, Way Up? [Deadline Hollywood]

... ESPN has ordered more 30 for 30 sports documentaries, and this is the best piece of news in this article. [Grantland]


... Jennifer Lopez isn't sure if she'll return to American Idol. Call her bluff, American Idol! She needs the money! [People]

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