News Briefs: Captain Janeway will have Mercy on NBC

... Captain Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew, will guest-star on NBC's new nurse drama Mercy. She will not bring her spaceship. [THR]

... Columbia Records is planning to release at least three soundtracks from Glee this year. The first one will be out Nov. 3. We hope the show is still on the air then (seriously! we loved the pilot!), because otherwise, awwwwkward. [EW]

... Speaking of Glee, a director's cut of the pilot will air on Friday, and some of the cast is going to use Twitter to provide running commentary. Their tweets will show up on your TV, during the show. More than ever, the future is now. Also: Fringe is doing the same thing on Thursday. [Variety]

... SNL's Fred Armisen will briefly reunite with SNL alum Amy Poehler when he guest-stars on Parks and Recreation this fall. Armisen will play Poehler's municipal counterpart -- from Pawneee, Indiana's Venezuelan sister city. [The Ausiello Files]

... The Daytime Emmy Awards (the ones for the shows you watch while skipping work) were handed out last night. In a dramatic turn of events, the cast and producers of Best Drama winner The Bold and the Beautiful were cut off by the credits before they could make an acceptance speech. Maybe the Emmy broadcast's director was really pulling for As The World Turns? [AJC]

... PBS has found the end of the Reading Rainbow. The final episode of the educational program aired Friday, finishing off a run that spanned more than two decades (the show debuted in 1983). [The Hollywood Reporter]

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