News Briefs: CBS Is Rebooting The Brady Bunch with a Divorced Bobby


... [To be sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch theme for as long as you can stand:] Here's the story of a network named CBS, who was so desperate that it decided to develop a reboot of The Brady Bunch focused on a divorced Bobby Brady and produced by Vince Vaughn. The plan here is to revisit the youngest male Brady in his older years, when he's divorced with kids of his own and does the exact same thing his daddy did: marry another woman with kids. Where's the sanctity of marriage, Bradys? Should we all make a mass suicide pact if this actually makes it to air? [Deadline Hollywood]


... So the other day we talked about Community creator Dan Harmon selling a multi-camera comedy project to Fox and we all thought, "Oh crazy Dan Harmon! A multi-camera comedy? That ain't you!" Well apparently whatever he is smoking he likes, because he's got another script deal going at CBS for another multi-camera comedy. No details on the project yet, though. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Personal schedule reclaimer TiVo has released data on the most time-shifted programs (that's fancy talk for shows that are DVR'd), and the show most frequently watched NOT during its live airing is... Nurse Jackie? The showtime dramedy had a time-shift rate of 89.3 percent, meaning only just over 10 percent of the people who watch Nurse Jackie watch it live. One possible reason? It airs opposite Game of Thrones, and damn it if people are going to miss that. Next on the list were Portlandia (88.4 percent), Eureka (87.7 percent), and Dexter (87 percent). [Daily Beast]

... WEtv has renewed Joan & Melissa and My Fair Wedding, and announced a spin-off of Braxton Family Values titled Tamar & Vince. The W in WEtv stands for "What the hell are these shows?" [Broadcasting & Cable]

... Fox has bought Hard Up, a single-camera comedy based on the Israeli series Asfur. Tee hee, ass fur. The Israeli comedy follows four struggling 20-something dudes who will do anything to keep their house as their neighborhood transforms into yuppieville. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The same production company that sold the upcoming conspiracy drama Zero Hour to ABC has another project at the network. Founding Fathers is set in Texas, where small militias rule the land. The drama will follow a man who returns home from serving in Afghanistan to find his hometown under control of a militia run by his brother. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Shawn Ryan is tapping into the acting pool of his acclaimed series The Shield for his new ABC show Last Resort. Jay Karnes, who played Dutch on the gritty FX drama, will play the Secretary of Defense in the thriller about a rogue nuclear sub crew. [EW]

... Life Unexpected's Shiri Appleby will guest-star on HBO's Girls as a potential love interest for Adam, Hannah's ex-boyfriend. Well if Hannah can be romanced by Patrick Wilson in Season 2, I guess Adam can land a hottie like Appleby. [Deadline Hollywood]

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