News Briefs: Cee Lo and Christina Are Taking a Break from The Voice, Usher and Shakira Will Sub In


... Okay, this is actually kind of big news for the show we seem forced to talk about daily. Now that NBC is churning out two editions of The Voice each season, one fall and one spring, it's inevitable that the schedules of its judges will get in the way. When The Voice returns in the winter, it will do so without Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. Aguilera will be touring the world in support of her upcoming album Lotus, and Cee Lo will be busy developing a new comedy with NBC and petting his cat. Taking their place will be another soulful-dude-and-hottie pairing. R&B; singer Usher and Latina spitfire Shakira will step in as judges while Christina and Cee Lo are away. [TV Line]


... ABC Family has ordered three pilots: One-hour drama Terminales, based on a Mexican series, will follow a young woman diagnosed with a terminal illness; Phys Ed is a half-hour comedy about a jock who returns to coach at his high school alma mater; and Continuing Fred is also a half-hour comedy centering on a woman who starts teaching at a local elementary school. ABC Family is pumping out more pilots than the Southwest Airlines training facility. [ABC Family via press release]

... It is written in stone that young adult novels shall be adapted into television series by The CW, so here comes Embrace. Embrace follows a teen chick who finds out that she's half angel and an important piece in the war between good and bad angels. Yes, there are two hunky angel boys to keep her company, too. The project is in development and looking at next season. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Chronicle writer Max Landis and Homeland producer Howard Gordon have sold Vigilante to Fox. The drama is about a 20-year-old girl who creates a fictional vigilante persona to fight crime and the crooked cops who sent her cop dad packing. I'm guessing there are some details missing because that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. [THR]

... Comedian Jim Gaffigan is working with CBS on a sitcom based loosely on his life. The series, which has a put pilot commitment, will center on a man who lives in a tiny New York apartment with his wife and five kids. Hey comedians, your lives isn't as exciting as you think they are! Stop making shows about them! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence is developing Ali In Wonderland at NBC. The comedy is based on the book of the same name by Ali Wentworth, a memoir of Wentworth's move to Washington, D.C. because her husband got a high-powered job. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC is adapting the 2006 British comedy Pulling, about a trio of 30-something women. This is the second time ABC has tried to adapt the series, but this time, the original producers of the British series will be much more heavily involved. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sony Pictures Animation is developing a feature film based on the '80s show Manimal. Seriously. The campy Manimal featured a dude who turned into a panther and was AWESOME. You all can provide your own jokes in the comments. [THR]

... Syfy has renewed Haunted Collector for a third season, which is great news because I have an old sweater that's haunted by the ghost of Don Rickles. What's that you say? Don Rickles is still alive? Oh. I guess Don Rickles is sitting on my couch, then. That makes more sense. [Syfy via press release]


... Laura Prepon is joining the Netflix original Orange is the New Black. The dramedy follows a woman thrown in prison for her connection to her ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a drug dealer. Prepon will play the ex. Prepon was last seen (metaphorically, because no one watched it) in Are You There, Chelsea? [TV Line]


... General Hospital actor John Ingle has passed away at the age of 84. Ingle had played the role of Edward Quartermaine since 1992. [People]

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