News Briefs: Check Out the (Boring) New Poster for Game Of Thrones Season 3


... HBO's Game of Thrones! Like I need to say anything more. Here's the first Season 3 "poster."

(Sorry it was hecka boring. March 31, 2013 is the Season 3 premiere date. If you're European, swap the "31" and the "3" to understand.)


... Andrew Miller, who handled the TV adaptation of The Secret Circle, has sold a pair of projects, one to ABC and one to Fox. ABC gets SAGA, a high-concept drama about a popular fantasy author who disappears into the world she created, leading her fans to travel there to help her. Umm, yeah. High-concept, indeed. Fox gets a drama about a pair of families on opposite ends of the cattle trade in Texas. I'd say Miller has range. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC is developing a drama called George Washington, about some guy who used to be president or something? The series will show both sides of Mr. Dollar Bill, the mythic man we all know and the seedy adulterer who bedded his BFF's wife. The network is leaving out the part where he helped Abraham Lincoln kill vampires, though. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC is developing iQuit, a comedy following the ups and downs of a group of post-grads with the common experience of the internet affecting their lives. For example, one of the five friends is a jillionaire from creating a top-selling app, one is a YouTube celebrity without any real celebrity perks, and one had his life ruined on Facebook. Young people love the internet, right? [Deadline Hollywood]

... TV Land has renewed The Soul Man for Season 2. For those who aren't cultured enough to know, The Soul Man is a spin-off of Hot In Cleveland and stars Cedric the Entertainer. [TV Guide]

... Lifetime has ordered the docu-reality series Teen Trouble, in which a bunch of crazy teens will have their lives full of boozin', sexin', druggin', and havin' fun interrupted by interventions. So embarrassing, mom! [Lifetime via press release]


... Rumer Willis, the spawn of Bruce and Demi, will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0. She'll play a new love interest for Masi Oka's character. Sorry Masi, but this is what you get paid the big bucks for. [EW]

... How To Make It in America's Bryan Greenberg has signed on for an upcoming USA pilot based on an Elmore Leonard story. He'll play an aspiring politician in Miami who marries a Colombian woman to win the Latino vote, but learns she's on the run from her troubled past. One thing leads to another, yada yada yada, and so forth and so forth, and next thing you know they're like actually in REAL love. Only on television! [THR]

... Modern Family has booked Billy Dee Williams to play Billy Dee Williams, which is exactly how it should be. Colt 45. [EW]

... Meryl Streep's other daughter, Grace Gummer (Mamie Gummer currently stars in The CW's Emily Owens, M.D.), will play a reporter in the next season of The Newsroom. [Deadline Hollywood]

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