News Briefs: Cold War Spies and Keri Russell Are Coming to FX


... If you love Felicity and commie bastards, then you're going to flip your lid over this! FX has given a series order to The Americans, a drama about Russian spies living in suburban America in the 1980s. Keri Russell (Felicity) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters) will star as KGB spies posing as a newlywed couple near Washington, D.C., and Noah Emmerich (The Walking Dead) will play an FBI agent. The 13-episode debut season will premiere in early 2013, and it will be good. [FX via press release]


... The BBC is celebrating the 50th birthday of cult sci-fi show Doctor Who with a one-off made-for-TV movie detailing the creation of the program in the early 1960s. Very cool! Look for it next year on BBC Two and internet torrents everywhere. What other shows would you like to see get the same treatment? Lost springs to mind first for me. [BBC News]

... Another classic sci-fi TV character is getting the movie treatment. But this one eats cats. 1980s sitcom ALF is being retooled for the big screen as a combination live-action and computer-graphics feature. Yep, it's from the same people who made The Smurfs movie. [THR]


... NBC took advantage of its Olympics coverage to give new comedy Go On a head start (watch the pilot HERE), and it totally worked. More than 16 million viewers tuned in to see the Matthew Perry comedy or failed to change the channel after they passed out on the couch, good for a 5.6 rating in the adult demo. Considering it aired at 11pm, those are boffo numbers. Go On officially premieres (with Episode 2) on September 11. [EW]

... Perry Farrell, frontman for Jane's Addiction and head honcho for Lollapalooza, is sick of all this reality judging crap but not sick of the music. He's currently shopping a series idea that would feature music performances without some overrated pop star pretending to know what they're talking about. Just music, no judges. Great idea! And one that will never work. [EW]

... Season 2 of TNT's Dallas will be back sooner than you think. After debuting in June for Season 1, the family soap is moving forward to January 2013 for Season 2. Dallas concluded its first season last night with [spoiler!] some ridiculous "OMG she's not his daughter, she's his enemy's daughter!" bull-honky. No word on whether or not she was wearing an eye patch. [TNT]


... The wonderful Ray Wise (Robocop, Twin Peaks, Reaper) is paying a visit to Criminal Minds. He'll play an evil doctor who operates on patients who don't want to be operated on. Good luck getting repeat customers, buddy! [TV Line]

... More Matthew Perry news! Perry will return to The Good Wife this season to reprise his role as Mike Kresteva, despite headlining NBC's comedy Go On. Look for him in one or two episodes of the CBS drama. [Zap2It]

... And it wouldn't be News Briefs without some New Girl casting news. Winston's getting a sister, and she will be played by America's Next Top Model finalist Keenyah Hill, marking the first time anyone from the reality show has ever done anything, ever. [TV Guide]

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