News Briefs: Community Creator Dan Harmon Has a New Show at Adult Swim


... Dan Harmon, the creator of Community who was fired from his job because NBC is NBC, has a new show! Adult Swim has picked up Harmon's animated project Rick & Morty to series, with a debut date sometime in 2014. Or, roughly the same time we can expect the delayed fourth season of Community to air. The 'toon follows an old inventor and his dimwitted grandson as they adventure. [NY Times]


... NBC has decided not to move forward with its proposed The Office spin-off The Farm, which would have focused on Dwight Schrute and the day-to-day goings-on at his family's beet farm. There is a good chance that the pilot will air as part of the current season of The Office, however. Will someone check the temperature in Hell? It looks like NBC made a good decision. [Rainn Wilson's Twitter]

... Anderson Cooper's talk show Anderson has been canceled and won't return for a third season. But Cooper's dashing looks, journalism adventures, and ability to make you feel inferior will continue. [NY Times]

... Game shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! have been R_N_W_D through the 2015-2016 season. What is: Buy an 'E'? [Deadline Hollywood]


... Shonda Rhimes will put her name on another ABC show in development. MILA 2.0 is a sci-fi thriller about a woman who finds out that she's actually a life-like android with an advanced artificial intelligence that mimics human emotions. It's based on an upcoming book. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Chloe Sevigny has landed a new starring gig. The Big Love actress will star in TNT's upcoming pilot Those Who Kill. In the drama, Sevigny will play a detective who goes after serial killers. Sevigny recently starred in the DirecTV series Hit & Miss, which was canceled, and is currently in the cast of American Horror Story. [TV Line]

... ABC's comedy pilot Trophy Wife has added Bradley Whitford and Marcia Gay Harden to its cast. The series would star Malin Akerman as a woman who marries an older man played by Whitford. Harden is signed on to play the first wife of Whitford's character. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Alan Kirschenbaum, the creator of CBS's Yes, Dear, took his own life this weekend. He was 51 years old. Kirschenbaum was also the creator of the upcoming CBS comedy Friend Me, which was cleared for midseason. [EW]

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