News Briefs: Dallas and Falling Skies Are Getting Post-Episode Talk Shows


... When AMC announced that it would air a live talk show called Talking Dead to discuss episodes of The Walking Dead immediately after they aired, we rolled our eyes. But then you know what? The show was actually kinda good! And apparently TNT has been paying attention, because it's decided to roll out a copycat similar format for two of its summer series, Dallas and Falling Skies. Big difference, though: These will be web only. Cameron Mathison will host the Dallas post show, called Dallas Round-Up, and nerd king and clown-sweater aficionado Wil Wheaton will emcee the Falling Skies chat, named 2nd Watch (boo, no Talking Skies?). Both will run for 15 minutes. [TNT via press release]


... FX is mining Australian comics for more comedies. The network has picked up 13 episodes of Legit, created by Jim Jeffries. The half-hour comedy will star Jeffries as a comedian who is trying to go legit, and no, I don't know what that means either. FX already has one Australian star, in Wilfred's Jason Gann. [FX via press release]

... You asked for HBO to be available on its own without a cable subscription via a web-only option, and HBO said... NO. The premium cable channel addressed an internet movement by fans of the network who've been campaigning for the opportunity to pay for HBO without going through a cable company. Due to carriage fees and all that, it doesn't make any business sense for HBO to entertain that option, so you'll have to just go back to downloading the shows illegally and stealing HBO GO passwords from richer people. [NY Times]

... Roseanne Barr's failed NBC pilot Downwardly Mobile, in which she would have played the matriarch of a trailer park, might still have some life in it. Barr says NBC hasn't completely abandoned the project, and that it could be retooled and given another shot at NBC's schedule. Great! Because NBC is really lacking in comedies right now! (Pssst! I'm being sarcastic.) [Politicker]

... But wait! There's more! Television has not abandoned Bridesmaids' Rebel Wilson's pilot Super Fun Night. The comedy, about a trio of goofy ladies on a quest to make Friday nights fun, was passed on by CBS for this season but could be given a second chance at ABC. The show would move from a multi-camera to a single-camera format and fit in nicely with Don’t Trust the B---- and Happy Endings. [Deadline Hollywood]

... TLC has announced a premiere date for its new show Four Houses: July 2! The network has also announced what the show is about because I had no idea: It's a reality competition show in which homeowners check out each other's digs and try to impress each other. Winners will be featured in Better Homes and Gardens, and winners and losers will be featured on some TLC show called Four Houses. [TLC via press release]


... Conan O'Brien has announced which guests will join him for his stint in Chicago: Andy Samberg, Jack McBrayer, Adam Sandler, and Johnny Galecki will play along with the Big Red Machine in Chi-Town next week. [Red Eye Chicago]

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