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News Briefs: Danny Glover's Making Time for NBC's Ironside

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... Danny Glover is set to guest-star on NBC's newly re-imagined drama series Ironside as Frank, the father of Blair Underwood's Robert Ironside. He'll appear in flashbacks that will provide keen insights into Ironside's family history before Frank went to prison. [NBC via press release]


... Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween includes three new Syfy Original Movies. Some of them sound kind of boring, like Scarecrow, which airs October 5 at 9pm and is about a murderous scarecrow. Grave Halloween, on the other hands, sounds AWESOME. It airs October 19 at 9pm and Syfy's description is so good, I'm not going to bastardize it: "An American college student studying in Japan risks her own life to save the spirit of her dead mother who killed herself in the notorious real-life Suicide Forest." See? I told you! And lastly, Zombie Night, which is exactly what you think it is, airs October 26 at 9pm and stars Darryl Hannah. [Syfy via press release]

... ABC wants to know what life would be like for Americans had they lost the Revolutionary War back in the 1700s. They've put a project into development titled The Thirteen that will explore a contemporary world in which Americans are still at war with the British over their freedom. This brings to light several questions: If we lost the war, how did World War I end? Why did we stop at 13 colonies? Do we drive on the left side of the road? And more importantly, would we be forced to pay for a TV license, too? [Deadline]

... Happy Endings might be dead (a moment of silence, please), but the team that brought you Happy Endings is alive, well, and fixing to return to your TV sets soon. Casey Wilson, Jonathan Groff (not the actor), and June Diane Raphael have sold DINKS to ABC. DINKS, which is an acronym for “Double Income, No Kids,” is about a pair of thirtysomethings who find themselves struggling between life with kids and life without them. [Deadline]

... The Parents Television Council complained about Sons of Anarchy's Season 6 premiere like we all knew they would. And just like we knew he would, creator Kurt Sutter responded via a special "WTF Sutter" video today. Known for loudly voicing his opinions, and for generally giving those who disagree with him the middle finger, he appeared calm in the video as he spoke about the dangers of censorship, and about being a storyteller without any political or social agendas. His use of the F-bomb was also pretty limited. It was a very un-Sutter like WTF Sutter, but his muted demeanor did not go unappreciated. [EW]

... I'm going to leave this right here and you guys do whatever you want with it: Law & Order SVU believes they have a responsibility to do an Anthony Weiner sexting scandal-inspired episode, but the Weiner character will be Hispanic. Have at it. [NBC News]

... Fox has given a pilot order to The Middle Man, not to be confused with ABC Family's defunct fan favorite The Middleman. Ben Affleck is set to direct and executive producer the pilot so absolutely no one should be surprised when I tell you that it is set in Boston in the 1960s and explores the relationship between FBI Agent Rudy MacAteer and Mickey Flood, an Irish-American gangster and confidential informant. Glenn Gordon Caron (Moonlighting, Medium) wrote the pilot and will also executive produce. Please leave your casting choices in the comments. [Fox via press release]

... Woody Allen wil be presented with the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes. Do you think he can top Jodie Foster's rambling, probably drunk, speech from last year? [Variety]


... Jake Gyllenhaal is set to appear on Inside the Actor's Studio September 19. I hear he talks about Heath Ledger, so excuse me, I need to go set my DVR. [Bravo via press release] 

... This is sort of casting, right? Christine Baranski has signed on to reprise her role as Leonard's mom on The Big Bang Theory this season. She'll appear via Skype in the October 10 episode, as her commitment to The Good Wife, which shoots on the East Coast, makes in-person appearances a little difficult. All the more reason for one of those scientists to invent a teleportation device. [TV Line]

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