... Danny McBride and Jody Hill, the creators of HBO's Eastbound and Down, are returning to the pay cable network with a new comedy called Vice Principals. It's about vice principals at a high school, and yes, McBride will play one of them. HBO has ordered 18 episodes, but hasn't decided how many seasons those episodes will comprise. [HBO via press release]


... The CBS comedies Friends With Better Lives and Bad Teacher have been pulled from the network's schedule, which isn't really a big deal because they've already been canceled. This news just means that CBS isn't letting them finish out their seasons in primetime; taking their place will be repeats of Mom and The Millers, two freshman shows that did get renewed. The network has not announced any plans to air the remaining episodes of Friends With Better Lives and Bad Teacher, so fire up that fanfic and let your imagination run wild! [Deadline]

... Chelsea Handler has marked her calendar for a break-up date with E!, and has officially announced the end of her late-night talk show Chelsea Lately. A live series finale will air on August 26, capping off a month-long celebration of Chelsea Lately's seven-year run on the network. In other words, the vodka is probably already flying off the shelves. Where Handler will go next has been the subject much speculation; networks like Comedy Central and FX are obvious possibilities, and Netflix is rumored to be courting the loudmouthed comedian. Where would you like to see her end up? A major network? A cable show? In a ditch? Voice your opinion in the comments! [E! via press release]

... LeVar Burton is using the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to bring Reading Rainbow into schoolrooms and onto the internet to help kids learn to read and enjoy books. Since it launched earlier today, the campaign has already reached its million-dollar goal with 34 days left, so you can go ahead and not donate and still reap the rewards. Err, I mean, you should totally donate! For the kids! Donate now! Troy Barnes would. [Kickstarter]

... Summer ratings are everyone's favorite kind of ratings! NBC's America's Got Talent returned on Tuesday to 11.9 million viewers and a 3.0 rating among the 18-to-49 crowd, which wasn't too far off from last year's numbers. The network also premiered The Night Shift, a new medical drama that Cory liked more than he thought he would, and it didn't bomb like we all expected it to. 7.8 million viewers tuned in, which was good for a 1.6 rating, making it the second-biggest summer drama debut in the last four years behind last summer's Under the Dome on CBS. [TV Line]

... Nick at Nite is adding the full-series runs of a trio of comedies for all your bleary-eyed late-night-rerun needs. How I Met Your MotherEverybody Loves Raymond, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will air on the syndicated specialist beginning this fall with HIMYM. Go buy a three-gallon bucket of ice cream and park yourself on the couch! [Deadline]

... E! has passed on its pilot Songbyrd, a drama about a songwriter named Lauren Byrd. [Deadline]


... OMG OMG OMG Hayden Panettiere is MAYBE pregnant! The Nashville star is reportedly with child thanks to husband Vladimir Klitschko, a heavyweight boxer who weighs about 10 Hayden Panettieres. For the sake of Hayden's anatomy, let's hope the baby takes after mommy. As for Nashville, Juliette Barnes pregnant? YES PLEASE. [US Weekly]


... Actress Stacey Dash, who you know as Dionne from the rich-girl documentary Clueless, is going to be a "cultural commentator" for Fox News in a decision that I have been assured is not at all a joke. Dash's political views lean conservative, and she publicly endorsed Mitt Romney during his presidential campaign in 2012, which drew some backlash because she's African-American. What a country we live in! She also appeared in Playboy, but no one complained about that. [Variety]


... Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs and the upcoming NBC comedy Undateable, went on a standup comedy tour with four of the stars of Undateable and recounted what happened in a tour diary. He discusses what it's like to launch a network sitcom these days, and it doesn't sound fun. [Grantland]


... The Critics' Choice Awards have announced their nominations, and any awards show that puts Bert from Trophy Wife (Albert Tsai) in the same category as Tony Hale from Veep is okay with me. 

... Kaitlin watched a bunch of Playing House and it made her realize that TV lacks strong female friendships.

... I reviewed Tuesday's episode of Fargo, which is turning onto one hell of a show with a very impressive first season. Martin Freeman deserves many awards for his acting abilities. 

... Should you watch Bill Lawrence's new multi-camera sitcom Undateable? Kaitlin says maybe

... We finally have a real trailer for FX's The Strain, and it's pretty scary! 

... Hulu is in talks to make #sixseasonsandamovie happen by reviving Community for Season 6.

... Watch this new four-minute trailer for The CW's ridiculous Jane the Virgin to see Jane become Jane the Artificially Inseminated.