News Briefs: Dr. Dre Is Developing a Crime Drama for FX

It's okay! He's a doctor!


... Dr. Dre may no longer just be making "phat rhymes" and "groovy beats" and "off-the-chain headphones" as the kids say. He could be making "ridonkulous bidonkadonk televizness" soon, too. The man who introduced the word "chronic" to white kids everywhere has signed a script development deal with FX for a crime drama set against the backdrop of the music industry in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Dre's N.W.A. buddy Ice Cube is still making movies and TV shows wondering if he is there yet. Now THAT's gangsta. [The Wrap]

... Fox has bought the television rights to The Beach, the (personal opinion: amazing, get a copy) 1996 novel from author Alex Garland that was later adapted into a (personal opinion: mostly disappointing) movie by Danny Boyle. The story is about a backpacker who goes to Thailand in search of a hidden remote beach and finds a community that lives totally off the grid. And of course things get all Lord of the Rings Dance Flies after that. Former The Secret Circle showrunner Andrew Miller is developing the project. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lifetime continues to be the remora fish of networks, feeding off the scraps of others. The home for ladies has greenlit Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, a dance competition show with Dance Moms "star" Abby Lee Miller serving as judge while kids show off their dance skillz. Lifetime has ordered 10 episodes and will debut them this fall. [TV Guide]


... FX's Archer and Fox's Bob's Burgers will do a crossover episode for Archer. That means double duty for H. Jon Benjamin, who provides the voice for both animated shows' lead characters. [EW]

... ESPN has announced that a second season of its slam-dunkingest touchdown-dancing home-run-trotting docu-series 30 for 30 will return October 2. Among the topics for this round will be super-athlete Bo Jackson, fastest steroid-taker Ben Johnson, and why athletes go broke. [THR]


... Sharon Osbourne is threatening to quit her post as America's Got Talent judge after getting chippy with NBC. Osbourne is upset at the network for cutting ties with her son Jack Osbourne, who was supposed to be part of NBC's reality show Stars Earn Stripes. Jack Osbourne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the firing came soon after, prompting Sharon to claim discrimination against her son. This is really a lot of fuss over a show that will last three episodes. [NY Post]

... Parker Posey, who was recently super amazing in a guest role on Louie, will guest-star on the Season 2 premiere of New Girl. She'll play a party girl who pours shots at a celebration to remove the cast from Schmidt's penis and if you don't watch the show this sentence probably seems pretty weird but it's really just adorkable LOL. [TV Line]

... TBS's sitcom Men At Work is adding cast members for Season 2. Former Frasier star Peri Gilpin will recur as the boss at the men's magazine where the guys work, and when a woman comes in to run things at a men's magazine, you know what that means! Hijinks and sexual harassment suits! Men At Work: It doesn't get any funnier than this unless you go anywhere else. [TV Line]

... Revenge has added former Greek actress Dilshad Vadsaria on a recurring basis. Vadsaria, who played Rebecca Logan on the raunchy college comedy, will play a financial expert named Padma who will work closely with Nolan. [THR]


... I know you are all still reeling from Kristen Stewart's sexual dalliances with a man who isn't her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. Well, R-Pats will finally talk to the public about their devastating breakup on the August 15 episode of Good Morning America, after he goes out and bangs like 20 million Twi-hards. This is important news, people! Syria can wait! [Zap2It]

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