News Briefs: Eric Dane Is Checking Out of Grey's Anatomy


... The doctor is OUT! Oh, someone used that already? In that case, how about "Eric Dane is leaving Grey's Anatomy!"? Yes, that lump of hunk who plays Dr. Mark Sloan (McSteamy) is leaving the show to pursue other opportunities. He'll be given a proper sendoff, so expect him to appear in a few episodes of the upcoming season. I once interviewed him in person and immediately became pregnant. [TV Line]

... Hey everyone, calm down! Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) will be back on Mad Men next season. But creator Matthew Wiener won't say in what capacity. [TV Line]

... ABC's Once Upon a Time has cast a couple young studs to play Sleeping Beauty's prince and Sir Lancelot. Pretty Little Liars' Julian Morris will be the one to waken the slumbering princess, and Teen Wolf's Sinqua Walls will play the Knight of the Round Table. So Sir Lancelot is a fairy tale now? Or is Once Upon a Time just plucking characters from books or Disney's catalog of animated movies? How long before Buzz Lightyear shows up to fight the Fox from The Fox and the Hound? [EW/TV Line]

... True Blood's Carrie Preston will guest-star on USA Network's Royal Pains. She'll play a romance novelist who sees Doctor Hank for some mysterious symptoms. But there's a catch! And it will be revealed in the episode so don't ask me what it is. [TV Line]

... American Horror Story has added Step Up star Jenna Dewan to its already crowded Season 2 cast. She'll play half of "The Lovers," a couple that will play a major role in the season. The other half of that couple? God's gift to acting, rock and roll, and reality shows, Mr. Adam Levine. [EW]

... Josh Gad, who became famous for his turn on Broadway's The Book of Mormon, will guest-star on New Girl as a beer delivery man who wants to get into Jess's vintage corduroy bell-bottomed pants. Gad will also appear in NBC's 1600 Penn, a new comedy debuting in early 2013. [E! Online]

... Virginia Madsen is joining the second season of Hell On Wheels for a trio of episodes. She'll play the wife of Doc Durant. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Bravo has renewed Kathy, Kathy Griffin's new talk show. If anyone has anything to say about this, put it in the comments and I'll add it to this blurb later because I have zero idea what to write. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central has OK'd a pilot from producer Chris Rock. D-Raw is a sketch show starring YouTube "star" DeShawn Raw. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Hey did you see this picture of the Arrested Development script that Ron Howard posted? It's a title page! [Mashable]


... Fringe's John Noble has had a heck of a few weeks traveling all over the world, and he's battling a sleep disorder as a result. Because of his ailment, Fringe has delayed production for two weeks and will resume filming on August 7. Get well soon, Johnny! [TMZ]

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