News Briefs: Fox Has the Most Gay Characters, Says GLAAD


... GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has released its annual report on the representation of homosexual and transgender characters on television, and it appears as though TV is getting straighter. Last season, 3.9 percent of TV characters were gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. This year, that number dipped to 2.9 percent, and it's the first time in four years that it's decreased. Fox has the most representation, with eight LGBT characters out of 117 series regulars. On one hand this is particularly impressive, as Fox doesn't even program the 10 o'clock hour; on the other, it's important to note that four of the eight characters are on Glee and two are on the upcoming animated series Allen Gregory. ABC, which has featured the highest number of LGBT characters every year for the last six years, ranks second with six LGBT characters; NBC comes in third with three, and The CW and CBS are tied for last with only one apiece. But I'm fairly certain that Gibbs from NCIS and Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami are more than just friends. [GLAAD]

... Dane Cook is coming to television, maybe. He's signed a development deal with NBC to create a new comedy, which he'd also star in. I wonder which show he'll steal and call his own? Let's name some! Dane Cook as a quirky man who moves in with three chicks in New Guy. Or Dane Cook as a king in the fantasy epic Dane of Thrones. Or Dane Cook as... tweet me your ideas with #DaneCookSitcom! [Deadline Hollywood]

... YouTube is making a big step toward killing television by preparing a dozen channels with regularly scheduled programming—you know, like television. I just hope that once computers make TVs obsolete, we still call it "television" and not "web series." God I hate that term. [Slate]

... Meet the newest trend of 2012: Westerns! NBC has purchased a "Western with a twist" from Parenthood writer Kerry Ehrin. Instead of being a straight-up drama that features gunmen shooting each other's hats off, it'll be a mix of drama and comedy (I wish there were a word for that!) about a man from the East who befuddles cowboys with his intellect. Sounds good to me. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox has purchased a new project based on a segment from the NPR radio program This American Life. The comedy would follow a woman who buys a house that's the "deal of a lifetime." The deal? It's a cheap house, but it comes with its elderly owner. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Sonya Walger (Lost's Penny, FlashForward's whatever her name was) has booked a regular role on USA's Common Law, a buddy cop dramedy. She'll play a shrink. [EW]

... Glee is adding Grant Gustin to play a gay Dalton Academy Warbler named Sebastian. He'll play a suitor who pursues Blaine. Does that mean things aren't going so hot with Kurt? [TV Line]

... Modern Family has signed Jennifer Tilly for a guest appearance. She'll play the wife of Shorty (Chazz Palminteri), a friend of Jay's who appeared in Season 1. [TV Line]

... Army Wives star Sally Pressman is leaving the Lifetime drama after next season for a to-be-determined role somewhere at NBC. Thrilling stuff. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The next round of America's Next Top Model will feature a new judge. Kelly Cutrone will replace Andre Leon Talley. [People]


... Kate Gosselin is shopping herself around for a reality show, but networks are passing on her. Man, that is awesome. [Radar Online]

... Seven advertisers have pulled out of promoting their products during The Playboy Club after being pressured by the Parents Television Council. This show is in REAL danger of getting canned soon. [THR]

... Okay I promise this one is good: Shayne Lamas and her husband are close to signing a deal with a talent agency to represent their baby. The kid isn't even born yet. And they're naming it Press. The Fame-Whore Meter just exploded. [TMZ]

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