News Briefs: Fox May Clock In More 24 With a Miniseries


... Fox is maybe resurrecting its thriller 24. Yeah, yeah, you've heard this before. But with Touch now canceled, Fox has to do SOMETHING with Kiefer Sutherland. Instead of a movie, Fox is discussing reviving the series as part of its limited run miniseries initiative. Instead of continuing where he left off, Jack Bauer would return on an all-new adventure. [Deadline Hollywood]


... TNT has renewed its reality series Boston's Finest for a second season. Produced by Donnie Wahlberg, the show follows members of the Boston Police Department as they protect and serve the city. As part of the deal, CNN will air reruns of the series, because Jeff Zucker is an idiot and never should have been hired to run a news channel. [TNT via press release]

... BBC America has switched up the premiere date of the final season of the UK's Being Human. Originally scheduled to begin on June 8, it will now air Saturday, July 13 at 10pm. [BBC America via press release]

... The Season 2 premiere of Elementary will take place in Sherlock's original neck of the woods. Elementary is heading to London to film its sophomore-season premiere so we can get a look at Sherlock's old haunts as he's forced to confront his past. So, spoiler alert: Sherlock doesn't die in the Season 1 finale. [CBS via press release]

... Antiques are so... old. Genealogy is the hot new thing for roadshows, according to PBS. The network has ordered Genealogy Roadshow for the fall, and it's exactly what you'd think it would be. Experts who know their way around family trees will help people from around the country trace their lineage using science and history. Look for it in September. [PBS via press release]


... Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol after a dozen seasons of judging people's singing abilities, yo! He's the only remaining judge from the original group that included Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. There are rumors that all the judges are on the chopping block in light of the show's continuing sinking ratings, but Jackson beat Fox to the punch because quitting looks a lot better than being fired on a resume. We'll miss you, dawg. [E! Online]

... Psych will see the return of a few notable guest stars when it returns for Season 8. Cary Elwes and Kristy Swanson will both be back as their characters Pierre Despereaux and Marlowe, respectively. USA has not revealed a premiere date for Season 8, as the series is currently airing Season 7. [Secret sources!]

... Remember yesterday when I said Neil Patrick Harris was rumored to be hosting this year's Tony Awards, which are scheduled for June 9? Well it's rumor no more! [CBS via press release]

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