News Briefs: Fox Orders Even MORE of The Mindy Project


... The back-nine order Fox awarded to The Mindy Project earlier this month apparently wasn't enough. Fox is asking for an additional two episodes of the Mindy Kaling comedy to bring its first-season order up to 24 episodes. Now if only Fox would actually air an episode of The Mindy Project; the show has been preempted due to presidential debates, might miss time due to baseball, and will also make way for some silly election coverage in the first week of November. [Deadline Hollywood]


... ABC has ordered a pair of scripts for both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, two bubble shows that are fighting for full-season pickups. This is far from a guarantee that the shows will survive, but it at least means ABC is considering keeping them. I mean, hey, ABC didn't ask for more scripts of The Neighbors, right? Oh wait... [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox sent out its November schedule today, and normally this wouldn't be news, but The Mob Doctor is on it. We all figured the freshman drama—which has been getting killed in the ratings—would be canceled by now, and that Fox maybe wouldn't make an announcement because it was hoping we'd all forget The Mob Doctor existed while the World Series took over its schedule. But nope, it's still coming back on November 5 as planned. [Fox via press release]


... Craig Robinson (The Office, that time-traveling hot-tub movie) has signed on to star in a potential comedy from The Office's executive producer Greg Daniels. The untitled project centers on a musician who takes over the music department at a middle school. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Memphis Beat creators Liz Garcia and Josh Harto have sold a supernatural drama idea to CBS. The Big Easy follows a trumpet player who also happens to investigate paranormal mysteries in New Orleans. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rules of Engagement creator Tom Hertz has another comedy cooking at CBS. And it sounds just as awesome as Rules of Engagement! The new project is a multi-camera (duh) comedy about a young couple that moves in together and next thing you know she's all like, "Why is the toilet seat up?" and he's all like, "Yo I just want to watch football and drink my beer!" [Deadline Hollywood]


... Next Tuesday will be a bit of a mess on Fox as the network tries to clean things up after this week's baseball rain delays. An hour-long The X Factor will start at 9:30pm and air the portion of this week's episode that was lopped off due to baseball overrun. That means The Mindy Project will miss another week! [TV Guide]

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