News Briefs: Fox Renews Bob's Burgers for Season 4


... Bob's Burgers is keeping pace with The Simpsons as Fox has ordered a fourth season of the animated series. The pickup is for 22 more episodes. The series has done okay in the ratings, but it's done better with critics and even picked up an Emmy nomination this year. [Fox via press release]

... The CW has unsurprisingly ordered another cycle of America's Next Top Model, its twentieth. And this time MEN will be able to compete! BRB, gonna do some deltoid lifts and leg extensions and pectoral electrical stimulations. [The CW via press release]


... Gordon Ramsay had an extra few minutes to spare so he decided to develop a drama set in a restaurant for NBC. The Inferno would be set in New York and follow two restaurateurs as they bring on a loud-mouthed Italian chef. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Two writers, Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, who wrote for NBC's The Event (YESSSSS!) have a new project in the works at ABC. Supernatural drama Beneath is set in a small town and follows what happens when an energy company drills for natural resources but releases something horrible instead. ABC is also looking at High Maintenance from the Broken Lizard (Super Troopers) duo of Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme. The comedy follows the staff at a ritzy Manhattan highrise, and knowing these two, will include enough pot jokes for a contact high. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox is adapting The BBC's Gavin & Stacey, the popular British comedy about the romance between an English man and a Welsh woman with crazy families. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Veronica Mars head honcho Rob Thomas is also borrowing from Britain with an adaptation of Metropolis. And like most comedies getting the green light today, it's about 20-somethings adapting to adult life. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Beyonce will be this year's Super Bowl halftime entertainment. Might I suggest the same outfit that Janet Jackson wore? [Celebuzz]

... The X Factor solved one of our national crises today when it announced that it had decided on its hosts for next season. And then it started an all-new national crisis when revealed its picks to be Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Olympic darling swimmer Missy Franklin will guest-star on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, as is her right as an Olympic champion. Ever since the original Athens games, those who have gone on to stardom in "Da Games" have guest-starred on teen-oriented dramas. Who can forget Jesse Owens' appearance on the radio show Rowdy Teens with Cigarette Packs Rolled Up in Their T-Shirts? [EW]

... Ryan Hurst, last seen making me cry my eyes out as Opie on Sons of Anarchy, has landed a role in the TNT pilot King & Maxwell. The drama follows two private eyes who may have a thing going on, a la Moonlighting. Hurst will play an autistic serial killer who can see patterns in numbers like that kid from Touch. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ER's Ron Eldard is joining the cast of Justified's fourth season as an old military buddy of Boyd's. You might remember Eldard from Drop Dead Fred or Deep Impact or IMDB. [TV Line]

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