News Briefs: Fox Resolves Its Simpsons Standoff, Renews the Show for Two More Years

"Us, ending? Nah, it'll never happen."


... The Simpsons has been renewed for Seasons 24 and 25 now that a tiff between the voice cast and 20th Century Fox has been resolved. You didn't really think it would be canceled, did you? The show was never truly in danger of being axed. It was just a pissing contest between the two sides to try and make more money. [Fox, via press release]

... Ratings update: Charlie's Angels is doomed! Doooooomed, I tell you! The numbers for last night's episode fell to 5.9 million viewers and a 1.2 rating among adults. [EW]

... I was going to illegally downlo—I mean rent—the Season 1 DVD set of The Walking Dead before next week's Season 2 premiere, but now I don't have to! Netflix and AMC are extending their agreement, meaning you can see Rick Grimes waste some zombies right now. [AMC, via press release]


... ABC has purchased Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives from Jerry Bruckheimer's production studio. It's being described as a thriller that revolves around murder, love, friendship, and infidelity in the Californian suburbs. [Deadline Hollywood]

... British comedy Suburban Shootout is being reconsidered for Americanization, this time at ABC. The dark comedy follows a woman who leaves the city for a peaceful life in the 'burbs, but is forced to take extreme measures to achieve the idyllic life she's seeking. Like shootin' fools! Think Suburgatory meets Person of Interest. HBO first attempted an adaptation of the series in 2008. [Deadline Hollywood]

... White Collar creator Jeff Eastin is close to receiving a pilot order for a new one-hour drama. The show follows agents from various federal organizations who all live in an undercover house. I think this sounds good? What's an undercover house? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, of the wildly inconsistent comedy troupe Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread), have sold a project to NBC. It's called Kept Men, and it's a single-cam comedy about two men who rely on their wives for financial supported after their business fails. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Rhea Perlman, fresh off her cameo as a cat on Wilfred, will co-star in the ABC comedy pilot The Manzinis. The Manzinis also star Kirstie Alley, so you know what this means: overblown headlines about a Cheers reunion! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Billie Dee Williams (The Empire Strikes Back) is heading to Man Up because he's sick of emceeing the car-wash grand openings. He'll play himself. [EW]

... Keith Carradine has joined the cast of TNT's upcoming Western Gateway. Carradine will play the surrogate father of the drama's three central characters, brothers who are after the men who murdered their biological pa. [Deadline Hollywood]

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