News Briefs: FX Buys Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Sitcom


... The Charlie Sheen comeback is on! FX has bought Sheen's Anger Management sitcom, which is based on the Adam Sandler movie of the same name, for a 2012 summer launch. The network has ordered 10 episodes for the first season, with an additional 90-episode option if the show becomes a hit, in order to lock up syndication rights. Yowzas! The same model has been used for a few Tyler Perry shows as well as Ice Cube's Are We There Yet? People might wonder why FX signed on for this, but it's really quite simple. Money! But really, wouldn't you rather see Sheen make a comeback on a network he can swear on rather than on NBC? If this comedy is going to work, he's going to have to be allowed to go all out, and FX is a place where he can do that. Everyone may laugh at it and hate on it, but I think it's a good deal. However, don't get me wrong: The show could still suck. [FX, via press release]

... Chris O'Dowd, star of the U.K.'s very funny The IT Crowd, has sold a project to NBC. The comedy follows a trio of guys who meet at a weight-loss clinic. I've been waiting a while for the Irish O'Dowd to break out in America, and after his strong showing in Bridesmaids and this deal, it looks like that time has finally come. If you have Netflix, stream The IT Crowd. It's genius. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Remember those recent rumors about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who? Not so fast. [Blastr]

... NBC is reportedly spending $100 million on series development this year, a hefty amount even for a major network. So far, it's showing: NBC has been buying up all kinds of stuff and is going after big names and projects that include Sarah Silverman and Roseanne Barr comedies, a remake of The Munsters, and Ethan Hawke's new drama. When in doubt, spend a ton of money and cross your fingers! [THR]

There's lots of casting news today, so let's just get these out of the way:

... Lou Diamond Phillips (Wolf Lake) will guest-star on TNT's Southland. He'll play... wait for it... a cop! [TV Guide]

... Naomi from Lost is crashing into New York. Actress Marsha Thomason, who [two-year-old spoiler alert!] got knifed in the back by John Locke and stars on White Collar, will guest on 2 Broke Girls as a woman who competes with Kat Dennings' Max over a boy. Ladies, ladies! Please! I can, and would love to, handle both of you. [TV Line]

... True Blood's Kevin Alejandro and Grant Bowler will guest-star on ABC's G.C.B. (formerly Good Christian Bitches) as a butcher and a "frozen-food" magnate. Wait, is this a soap about a supermarket? [EW]

... Eric Winter has been cast as the lead in TNT's drama Scent of the Missing, which stars Tricia Helfer as a sexy K-9 cop. Winter most recently appeared on The Mentalist. The dog has yet to be cast. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Kaley Cuoco has been forced to host the People's Choice Awards on CBS. Poor thing. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Law & Order: SVU is adding Gilbert Gottfried as a recurring player. The comedian, recently mired in controversy for getting fired as the voice of the Aflac duck, will play a wacky IT guy. Just the other day I was thinking, "You know what Law & Order: SVU needs? Gilbert Gottfried." [TV Guide]

... Rescue Me's Andrea Roth will recur on The CW's Ringer. It's always weird when someone I don’t know from a show I didn't watch gets a role on a show I don't watch and I have to write something about it, and then I have to pretend like I have an opinion about it. Anyway, this is a great casting choice! [TV Guide]

... Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter will guest-star on The Good Wife, playing a very different character from Deb Morgan. She'll pretend to be a soft-spoken professor who's on trial for something related to her conservative and religious beliefs. I guess that means she won't be swearing up a storm. [E! Online]

... Bill Lawrence created Scrubs and Cougar Town, and because showrunners are allergic to actors they haven't worked with before, they tend to reuse guys they know they can rely on. Lawrence is bringing Scrubs' Zach Braff and Robert Maschio over to Cougar Town for a mini-reunion, where they will meet up with Sarah Chalke, who was previously announced as a guest-star on the show. [TV Line]

... The West Wing's Richard Schiff is coming to Once Upon a Time. The busy actor will guest-star on the fairytale drama as the Enchanted Forest's King Leopold, father of the lovely Snow White. [TV Line]

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