News Briefs: FX Might Split Itself in Two

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... Does two times the FX mean twice as much edgy, artistic television, or does it mean sucky suckyville? Fox is reportedly considering transforming its Fox Soccer channel into a second FX, with the idea that one will be a home to comedy and the other will house dramas. Will that mean diluted programming or double the good stuff? Or will FX break our hearts and just be all reality television in two years like everyone else? [Broadcasting & Cable]


... TNT has ordered a pilot for Leverage creator Dean Devlin's new series starring Geena Davis. The nameless series would star Davis as a bounty hunter who is successful because she's just a tad crazy. The idea is based on real-life bounty hunter Mackenzie Green. [Deadline Hollywood]

... TNT has also ordered the reality series Marshal Law: Texas from producer Jerry BOOM Bruckheimer. Look for six episodes' worth of cameras following Texan badasses capturing the bad guys later this year. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC has bumped the premiere of Body of Proof, and yes, this time it IS Obama's fault, Jethro. Because Mr. President is giving his State of the Union on February 12, which would be Week 2 of the Dana Delaney drama, ABC is pushing the season premiere back to February 19 so as not to have it interrupted by the most powerful man in the galaxy so soon. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt (Marie) has landed a sweet gig as the wife of Michael J. Fox's character in his new NBC sitcom. The untitled show has already received a 22-episode order and is loosely based on Fox's real life. Brandt is a totally kickass actress, guys. [Deadline Hollywood]

... "Heather Locklear has joined the cast of Franklin & Bash" is the least surprising sentence I will write all year. [EW]

... Rosemarie DeWitt won't be starring on HBO's The Newsroom due to messed-up schedules. Sure, DeWitt, blame schedules. We all know you just wanted out of that farce. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The wonderful and super and talented (all truths) Toni Collette will star in the CBS pilot Hostages. She'll play a D.C.-based surgeon who is ordered to operate on the president but then has her family taken hostage and oh man this sounds like a crummy situation for her! [EW]

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