News Briefs: FX Orders a Comedy Starring Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence


... FX has ordered a new untitled comedy starring Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer as mismatched lawyers who end up being buddies. The deal, dubbed a 10/90, is similar to the one FX struck with Anger Management; FX is asking for 10 episodes, and if those 10 episodes hit a certain target in the ratings department, FX will order 90 more episodes. FX has a similar deal with a new comedy starring George Lopez. If TV Land is the new graveyard for older actors, FX's 10/90 comedies are the coma ward. [FX via press release]


... Singer John Legend won't let his dream of getting into the TV business die. After a few failed attempts at producing, Legend has a new project in the works at Showtime. The half-hour comedy would follow the lives of big-time music producers, and be loosely based on Legend's life, which probably involves all kinds of opulence and pretty ladies and man, I'm already jealous. [Deadline Hollywood]

... *record scratch* Nashville music boss T Bone Burnett is leaving the series between seasons, and will hand over his post to Buddy Miller, Burnett's righthand man in Season 1. Burnett produced all the original tunes for the country-music drama and co-composed the score. And why is this way more weird than your normal story about a guy leaving a really hard job on a network show? Burnett is married to Nashville creator Callie Khouri. Awkward! [THR]

... Talking Dead and Nerdist host Chris Hardwick is totally busier than I'll ever be in a million lifetimes. The comedian/podcaster will host Midnight on Comedy Central, a game show that has a connection to social media. Look for it this fall but don't get it confused with Hardwick's one thousand other shows. [Splitsider]

... HBO has passed on the in-development Hobgoblin, a period piece set during WWII about magicians and illusionists who use their craft to take down Hitler and the Nazi regime. Why did HBO pass on it? Because it's a period piece set during WWII about magicians and illusionists who use their craft to take down Hitler and the Nazi regime. FX is reportedly looking at picking it up, but maybe they should reconsider because it's a period piece set during WWII about magicians and illusionists who use their craft to take down Hitler and the Nazi regime! [The Wrap]

... Disney Channel has ordered I Didn't Do It to series. It's a comedy starring Olivia Holt and Austin North, and follows fraternal twins in high school. But it also has a gimmick: Each episode is built around two main characters offering their own accounts of a situation, which comes to light through flashbacks. This idea is good for one episode in the lifetime of normal comedies, but Disney is going for an entire series of it. [Deadline Hollywood]


... NBC's upcoming drama Believe is already changing things up. Sienna Guillory, originally cast as a series regular, will see her character written out of the show now that producers have decided on a new direction. In the J.J. Abrams-produced drama about a young woman named Bo with special abilities, Guillory's character was a professional goon attempting to kidnap her. But now several new bad guys will be written in with the hopes that one becomes a series regular. [THR]

... Desperate Housewives vet Doug Savant will guest-star on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles. He'll play a mock trial adviser in a September episode. [EW]

... The Veronica Mars movie will bring back New Girl star Max Greenfield as Deputy Leo. Basically, everyone who was originally part of Veronica Mars will be back for the movie. [EW]

... Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will lend his voice to Futurama's final season, and not for just any role; I'm talking about the character who owes me 10,000,000 tears. MacFarlane will voice Seymour, Fry's dog from 1999 who was the centerpiece of the series' masterpiece "Jurassic Bark." Listen for MacFarlane in the August 14 episode. [EW]

... The man who promised us we'd like the way we looked for several decades has been fired. George Zimmer, pitchman and executive chairman for Men's Wearhouse, was canned by board members of the company he founded. Ummm... this doesn't sound fair. Zimmer appeared in bajillions of commercials for the chain of suit stores, featuring his signature tagline, "You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it." [USA Today]

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