News Briefs: FX Orders a George Lopez Comedy

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... Great news everybody! George Lopez is back! Yessssss! FX has ordered 10 episodes of the comedy Saint George. The multi-camera (I'm assuming) comedy will star Lopez as a recently divorced entrepreneur who deals with his ex-wife, teen son, and overbearing mother, basically everything you already knew it would be about. It will get the same treatment as Anger Management in that, if it hits the right numbers after 10 episodes, FX will order 90 more episodes.  It kind of makes me sick that FX is doing this, but billz needz to be paidz. [FX via press release]


... Disney Channel, of all networks, is resurrecting the game show Win, Lose, or Draw, which, for those of you too young to remember or too old to remember, was basically like watching people play Pictionary. The new version will target kids, and feature two teams consisting of a Disney star and two young contestants. And to updated it beyond the marker-and-paper era, the new drawing board will feature interactive touch screens and motion control. Hopefully there will still be felt-tipped pens for the competitors to huff. [Disney Channel via press release]

... DirecTV has ordered its second original scripted series. Details are vague, but Full Circle will follow 11 characters who are unknowingly connected. It's being written by Neil Labute, the man behind In the Company of Men. [Broadcasting & Cable]

... You've called Joss Whedon's new ABC pilot S.H.I.E.L.D. You've called it Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now you are going to call is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Because that's the new name. [EW]

... HBO has increased its episode order for the first season of guerilla-news show Vice, bumping it from eight episodes to 10 episodes. Great news if you like dudes with cameras running around third-world countries saying, "Doesn't this, like, suck?" [HBO via press release] 


... Quick little scheduling change for ABC. Castle will swap the order of its next two episodes, pushing Monday's previously scheduled episode to April 29 and reeling in the April 29 episode to April 22. Why, you ask? The episode originally scheduled to air on April 22 features a bomb-related plot, and in light of the attack on Boston, ABC wisely decided to sit on it. [TV Line

... When ABC canceled Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 back in January, it yanked the show from its schedule without airing the remaining episodes. Back then, the network didn't know if/when the remaining episodes would turn up online, on TV, or in the garbage can. But now the leftover episodes will be posted online, according to star Krysten Ritter. Look for them May 17 on, Hulu, or iTunes. [Krysten Ritter's Whosay]

... The Golden Globezzzzzzzz... *huh wha?* Sorry. The Golden Globes, the awards show that everyone just tolerates, has set a date for next year's "ceremony." Look for it Sunday, January 12. [The Hollywood Foreign Press via press release]


... Giovanni Ribisi (Friends, My Name is Earl) has joined Seth MacFarlane's live-action multi-camera comedy Dads. The show, which already has a six-episode order, follows one of this development season's TV trends of parents moving in with their kids or vice versa; in this case, two 30-something guys have their worlds turned upside down and kicked in the crotch after their dads move in with them. Ribisi replaces Tommy Dewey (The Mindy Project), whose character was re-conceived after taping the first episode. [Deadline Hollywood]

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