News Briefs: GCB Is the Inspiration for a New Reality Show

This show is too subtle for me.


... Producers of The Real Housewives franchise are planning their next scourge on society, and they're looking at ABC's Sunday night for inspiration. More specifically, they're seeking some good Christian belles/bitches in California to follow around with cameras, and are targeting a celeb-studded gated community for cast members. [TMZ]


... Fox is implementing a new Twitter campaign in an attempt to harness the power of useless blabbering social media. Starting this week, Fox will superimpose hashtags related to specific plot points over its episodes so that everyone can tweet the same thing, thus enhancing the possibility of creating a trending topic. In other words, the West Coast now has a much better chance at being spoiled. Be responsible, people! [TV Line]


... HBO's Girls had a full head of steam going into its debut last night, but in the end, it debuted pretty much just like a typical HBO show. 1.1 million viewers watched the new comedy, which was down from Eastbound & Down's 1.6 million. But this show is in no danger, and if things stay consistent with HBO's general habits, expect a renewal next Monday after Episode 2. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones did just fine, with 3.8 million viewers. [EW]

... CBS's new cop show NYC 22 debuted last night as well with little fanfare. And it showed. Only 8.9 million viewers tuned in, and since this is CBS we're talking about, that's not great. The 1.5 rating among 18-49-year-olds is more telling, and unless things change, the 22 should be a one-and-done. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Meanwhile, ABC aired its Titanic miniseries and someone think of an iceberg joke for me, because it really SUNK in the ratings. 4.1 million viewers and a 0.8 rating mean that only survivors from the Titanic tuned in to watch. [EW]

... And in incredibly boring daytime show news, ABC's Good Morning America beat NBC's Today in overall weekly viewers for the first time in more than 16 years. I know you've all been losing sleep over that. [NY Times]


... Bones is welcoming back Cyndi Lauper, who will reprise her role as psychic Avalon Harmonia. Her return will be part of a unique episode that's told from the point of view of the victim. [TV Line]

... Saturday Night Live is bringing in New York City's most famous quarterback who's not named Tim Tebow. Wait, I guess I could have clarified that with "starting quarterback" or "quarterback who can throw a football." Eli Manning of the New York Giants will host the sketch show on May 5, giving him a chance to show off that dazzling personality he's known for! [NY Post]

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another cop show.... dont need them
"a 0.8 rating mean that only survivors from the Titanic tuned in to watch...." LOL
Twitter needs to die already.
Lauper is cool and still has some of the best pipes ever! Suck that madonna!!!!

Danny McBride and eastbound finale was very cool, gonna miss this show!!!! damn funny!!!!

Eli on SNL-like a stick of wood!!!!!

And Girls is just plain uninteresting/uninspiring!!!!

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