News Briefs: Girls' Charlie Leaves the Show After Fighting With Lena Dunham


... Girls is losing one of its boys. Christopher Abbott, who plays Charlie (Marnie's on-again-off-again boyfriend) on the much-talked-about HBO show, is leaving the series. Why? Let's play multiple choice: a) Lena Dunham, b) Lena Dunham, c) Lena Dunham. If you answered "shameless Girls creator Lena Dunham," you're correct! The two allegedly butted heads going into the production of Season 3, so Abbott did the whole "fuck you I quit" routine. Since appearing on Girls, Abbott's star has brightened, and he'll move on to other projects he has in the works. [NY Post]


... Science Channel is ordering The Moaning of Life, starring An Idiot Abroad's Karl Pilkington in a new set of adventures. This time, Karl will travel the globe and see how other cultures deal with entering middle age. [TV Guide]

... Adult Swim has ordered the shortform live-action series Hole to Hole, from South Park's Pam Brady and Chelsea Lately's Arden Myrin. The comedy is a parody of 1980s detective shows and follows two sexy billionaire sleuths. [Deadline Hollywood]

... BBC America has put a premiere date on the final season of the U.K.'s Being Human: June 8. The Beebs also dated the interesting-looking zombie miniseries In the Flesh, about zombies that are reintegrated into society. Look for that three-parter to start on August 3. [BBC via press release]

... Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and Investigation Discovery (which are all part of the same network family) have announced their respective programming slates, and they're full of all the wacky stuff you'd expect from these bonkers channels. Among the highlights: two Discovery shows that feature people being dropped off in remote places completely naked, a TLC show called My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I, the eel fishing Animal Planet show called Eel of Fortune, and Investigation Discovery's Evil In-Law, which tells harrowing tales of overeager mother-in-laws. Television at its finest! [Discovery via press release]

... Disney Channel has given the greenlight to Mighty Med, a live-action comedy about two kids who work in a hospital for superheroes. Bradley Steven Perry (Good Luck Charlie) and Jake Short (A.N.T. Farm) will star. [Disney Channel via press release]

... Syfy is developing a new drama. There aren't many details on the project, but what we do know goes something like this: A meteorite hits a plane and the only two survivors go on the run from the government but have no idea what happened. So it's going to be one of THOSE shows. [Deadline Hollywood]


... CNN's Ali Velshi is leaving the network for the soon-to-be-launched Al Jazeera America news network. You may know Velshi for his outstanding work wearing windbreakers and standing in flooded intersections during weather catastrophes. [Deadline Hollywood]

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