News Briefs: Glee Grabs Whoopi, Lindsay Lohan for Guest Roles

Object in picture may be older, sluttier, and drunker than it appears.


... Wow, I didn't think Glee could get more annoying, but it just did. The Fox series is in talks to bring on Lindsay Lohan as a character who drinks a lot, does drugs, and is fading from the public eye faster than Friendster. In other words, she'll be playing herself as a celebrity judge at Nationals. [TV Line]

... Glee has also booked Whoopi Goldberg for about three episodes. She'll play a theater professor from New York who heads to Ohio to oversee Kurt and Rachel's NYADA auditions. [TV Line]

... Ashton Kutcher is in talks to return to Two and a Half Men, and early word is that he will be making Charlie Sheen money. Word is, he's set to make seven figures per episode since the comedy hasn't lost a step in Sheen's absence. [TV Guide]

... Eddie Cibrian, who we last saw playing a playboy in NBC's period drama Near-Naked Chicks in Bunny Tails Murder a Mob Boss, will recur on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles. He'll play a motivational speaker who clicks with Isles. [TV Line]

... David Lyons, who we last saw wearing a cape in NBC's Funny Looking Superhero Has the Biggest Joke of a Superpower Ever, has joined the promising pilot from Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams titled Revolution. He'll play a marine named Bass in the thriller where all forms of energy mysteriously disappear. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Revenge's Roger Bart (he plays the snooty-named Mason Treadwell) will slide over to Grimm for an episode. He'll play a "Wildermann" in an episode about Bigfoot. Look for him in May. [EW]

... David Spade is going to be Hot in Cleveland, setting up a reunion with Wendie Malick, his former Just Shoot Me co-star. Spade will play a hairstylist. [EW]


... Netflix has ended talks to revive Fox's canceled Terra Nova, meaning the show is almost certainly positively absolutely finally dead. Jason O'Mara just let out a HUGE sigh of relief. [TV Guide]


... BBC America will import a pair of U.K. dramas for its Dramaville block. White Heat, which follows a bunch of friends from 1965 through the present day, will make its U.S. debut in May. Inside Men, about three security guards who plan a big heist, will premiere June 20. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Eva Longoria is developing a new reality series about dating. Longoria recently went back on the market after her break-up with Tony Parker. I love how celebrities start doing something and then think they should make a show about it because they think their lives are so interesting. Get over yourselves, celebrities! Note to self: Pitch show to NBC about a handsome man who writes about television and loves cats. [US Magazine]


... AMC is offering an early look at its latest reality show, The Pitch, on April 8. The show follows advertising agencies as they create campaigns for new clients. It's like Mad Men, but much stupider, which I thought was damn near impossible. (P.S. I don't like Mad Men.) Hey AMC, stick to zombies and meth-makers and meth-making zombies, please. Imagine it: Breaking Dead! [AMC]

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