News Briefs: Jeanne Tripplehorn Joins Criminal Minds Full-Time


... Emmy-nominated actress Jeanne Tripplehorn will join the cast of Criminal Minds this fall as a series regular and "profiler"—we'll meet her character in the Season 8 premiere. Tripplehorn is most recently recognizable as Bill Paxton's co-star in Big Love, where she played Barb Henrickson. [CBS via press release]

... Once Upon a Time has promoted Meghan Ory (Ruby) to series regular for Season 2. Rumor has it that Ory was starting to garner a strong interest from pilot producers, and ABC offered her the deal to keep from losing her. I, for one, am pumped to see more Red next season! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner will guest-star on Warehouse 13 this summer as Brother Adrian, the leader of a super-secret sect called The Brotherhood of Knights of the Black Diamond, which also protects various artifacts from history. Spiner joins Being Human's Sam Huntington on Warehouse 13's guest-star roster; Huntington will play a jazz musician named Ethan. The series returns for Season 4 on Monday, July 23 at 9pm. [Syfy via press release]

... Hellooo, Emmy announcers! Scandal's Kerry Washington and Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman are officially booked to announce the nominees for the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on July 19. If you ask me, I think Offerman should stick around to host the show, but I'll take nominations announcer, sure. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bryan Cranston has been tapped to host the Television Critics' Association awards on July 28, where he also happens to be up for Individual Achievement in a Drama (here's the list of this year's nominees). Good nominations, good host... maybe the TCA should just manage the Emmys, too. [Hitfix]


... The final installment of Starz's Spartacus franchise, Spartacus: War of the Damned, is headed to Comic-Con! Liam McIntyre (Spartacus), Manu Bennett (Crixus), and show creator Steven S. DeKnight will host a panel discussion on Friday, July 13 (5:45pm, Room 6BCF) about the upcoming last season, and they're promising to show off new footage SO epic you won't even believe it. Sounds intriguing! [Starz via press release]

... TNT's Dallas 2.0 blew Wednesday night's ratings out of the water, drawing approximately 7 million viewers for its series premiere. It's been awarded official bragging rights as the most-watched program on a night that normally bows down to Fox's So You Think You Can Dance (which drew 6.5 million viewers this week). Does this mean the '80s are back in vogue?! [Variety]

CSI is the "most-watched show in the world," according to the Monte Carlo Television Festival, where it was awarded the International Television Audience Award for a Drama TV Series. This is the fifth time in the last seven years that CSI has earned the distinction, which is based on stats from Eurodata TV Worldwide. I don't know what Eurodata TV Worldwide is, but I'm guess it's some sort of global version of the Nielsen ratings? In other Monte Carlo Television Festival news, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Frank Doelger, and Carolyn Strauss won Outstanding International Producer honors for Game of Thrones, and Woody Harrelson took home Best Actor honors for Game Change. [CBS via press release & THR]

... Bored to Death: The Movie? HBO is considering it. Could the recently canceled show pull in bigger audiences as a feature film? [Vulture]


... Stuck at work while your favorite U.S. Open players are on the turf? Turn that frown upside down! The golf tourney is streaming for free online in near-HD quality from the official U.S. Open website. Just make sure your boss doesn't notice—or do, and invite your boss to watch it with you! [GigaOm]


... It's a sad day for Muppets fans: Sesame Street writer and Elmo's World co-creator Judy Freudberg died this week of a brain tumor. She was 62. [Variety]


... Girls aren't watching Girls as much as boys are. Allow me to rephrase: Girls aren't watching Girls as much as white men over 50 are. Weird, right? It's certainly creepy if once you consider how much nudity there is on that show. [Vulture]

... Remember yesterday, when we told you about George W. Bush's spiked head on Game of Thrones? Well, today HBO is apologizing for it, declaring that the blip of a scene won't be included in any future DVDs produced. Quick! Get your uncensored DVDs before they're gone! [The Hollywood Reporter]

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