News Briefs: Jennifer Lopez is Maybe Leaving American Idol


... I know we talked a little bit about this yesterday when it was rumored to be happening, but now it's REALLY maybe going to happen. Jennifer Lopez is reportedly leaving the judges' table at American Idol because she's too busy and wants to spend more time with her kids. Or because she wants to play hardball with Fox and get a raise. She made $20 million last season. It's tough being Jennifer Lopez. [E! Online]


... TBS and TNT have announced what they're working on, and it's a big pile of sure, whatever. TNT is leaning heavy into drama with seven no-laughing-matter series, including The Last Ship, about the crew of a naval destroyer that floats about while the rest of the world succumbs to a global disease that kills everyone. Fun! The rest are mostly a mix of detective and spy shows with none having particularly interesting twists. TBS is continuing its comedy push with three series, including the Conan O'Brien-produced Zone Lord, about some dudes who discover a new resident of their apartment building that is an alien. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bill Lawrence will not continue as showrunner of Cougar Town when the comedy moves to TBS next season. But that was always in the cards, as Lawrence signed a deal with Warner Bros TV to work on other stuff. He'll stay on as a consultant, though. [Vulture]

... Adult Swim is spinning off Childrens Hospital with Newsreaders, the fake news show that was featured in a few episodes of the medical drama spoof. Mather Zickel will be back to star. This is exciting news for those of you who like things that are funny and awesome. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Breaking Bad has cast Friday Night Lights actor Jesse Plemons (he played Landry) in a Season 5 role. The character description is as vague as you'd imagine: "He’ll play Todd, a dependable, innocuous, working-class guy. However, his character may not be what he appears to be..." Well, no duh. Plemons recently starred in NBC's Bent, which was on the air for like three hours. [TV Line]

... Despite what The Wire may have taught you, it IS possible to leave the game. Tia Mowry is parting ways with the BET comedy The Game to focus on other projects. Somebody named Pooch is also close to leaving, apparently. [Vibe]


... Whoa! Joey Lawrence, who now stars on the ABC Family series Melissa & Joey, will head to Vegas to join the Chippendales male-stripper show. He'll start taking it off on June 7. [TMZ]

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