News Briefs: Jesse L. Martin Joins Smash


... Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin is headed to (fake) Broadway! Martin, who played Detective Ed Green for a decade on Law & Order, will play the art director of a theater company and might get involved with Debra Messing's character. Martin is just the latest big name to join the show. Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes are also on board for Season 2. But can any of these people save a show that was creatively all over the place in its first season? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Carla Gugino, who just finished up USA's Political Animals, is joining New Girl for a three-episode arc. She'll Schmidt's new boss, which means one thing: He is totally gonna hit that. [EW]

... NBC's Animal Practice has cast George's mom, and it's Ghostbusters receptionist Annie Potts. She'll play Virginia, a woman so cantankerous it helps explain why George is such a dick. [TV Line]

... Carrie Preston (True Blood) will return to The Good Wife to reprise her role as fan favorite attorney Elsbeth Tascioni for multiple episodes. [TV Line]

... Isaiah Mustafa will bring the sweet smell of his armpits to Nikita's next season. Mustafa, better known as the Old Spice Guy, will play a former Division agent who has blurry allegiances. [TV Guide]

... The O.C.'s Ben McKenzie will take a step backward and guest-star on the truly awful TBS sitcom Men At Work. He'll play the ex-husband of some girl who is dating one of the guys and good god this show is really terrible. [TV Guide]


... Animal Planet has re-meowed renewed My Cat From Hell for a fourth season! The show follows a weird guy who helps troubled cats and their owners and the inevitable indifferent boyfriend get along better. It also features the worst BEST use of a guitar case ever. [Animal Planet via press release]

... Homeland producer Howard Gordon and Invasion creator Shaun Cassidy have sold a new project to Fox. The series will follow former CIA operatives, now all grown up with teenage kids, as they get back into the business and go undercover, this time with their family knowing full well what they do. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox isn't done with CIA shows. Life creator Rand Ravich has sold another CIA series to Fox called The Prodigy. The drama centers on a CIA agent who must infiltrate the FBI to root out agents who are working with all those countries that hate us. Which is like all of them. [Deadline Hollywood]

... USA is following in FX's footsteps and adapting an Elmore Leonard short story for television. The story is from Leonard's collection of shorts, When the Women Come Out to Dance, and is about an aspiring Miami politician who marries a Colombian woman to help him get elected. It was previously in the works at NBC. [Deadline Hollywood]

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