News Briefs: Jon & Kate & Law & Order

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... Law & Order will do its ripped from the headlines thing for Kate Plus 8. An episode airing next friday, October 16, will center around a show called "Larry Plus 10" that "chronicles the struggles of a single dad, Larry Johnson, (Jim Gaffigan), who's raising 10 adopted special needs kids by himself -- after his wife, Joy, is bludgeoned to death." Sounds great, but Larry? That does not rhyme with the number of children he has. We would have gone with Sven. [NY Post]

... NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife will both get full-season orders. They are the first- and second-most popular new shows, respectively, air back-to-back, and make it generally pointless for the other networks to even try on Tuesdays from 9 to 11 pm. [Variety]

... On Monday, Dancing With the Stars promoted a segment featuring a chimpanzee as guest judge, but then PETA complained, so DWTS quietly canceled the bit. Everyone involved, on either side of this issue, should be ashamed of themselves. Except for the chimp. [Variety]

... Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and Har Mar Superstar will write and maybe act in a new series for HBO. Stitch N' Bitch is about two girlfriends who move from Williamsburg to Silver Lake. It is also maybe about knitting? We don't know for sure, but with that premise, it's gonna need some knitting to liven things up. [Variety]

... Michael Vick is teaming up with BET to make a reality show about his life. Prepare for that, and the pointless overreaction from everyone. [LAT]

... Kevin Murphy (Desperate Housewives) has joined the staff of Caprica as an executive producer. [a href=";=1" target="_blank">Variety]

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