News Briefs: Joss Whedon Is Creating an ABC TV Show Set in the Marvel Universe!


... Joss Whedon is totally big-time now. The man who a year ago was "that guy who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is now "that guy who made the third-highest domestic grossing film in history" thanks to writing and directing the megahit The Avengers. And when you become that guy, people throw money at you. In its earnings call today, Disney announced that Whedon would be back to direct and write a sequel to The Avengers. BUT THIS IS A TV SITE! Yes, it is! And here's the news WE care about: Whedon is also developing a Marvel-themed television show for ABC. No details (characters, release date, title) about the project were announced because it's super early in development, but I'm sure it will be awesome. And I haven't even seen The Avengers! [LA Times]


... Someone has found a cure for Olympic fever, apparently! Last night's coverage of Da Games was the lowest-rated broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics, down 24 percent from a week ago and down nine percent from four years ago. [Broadcasting & Cable]

... Spike TV has renewed Auction Hunters for a 26-episode fourth season and America Digger for a 13-episode second season. Way to go, obviously fake shows! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Each new season of Community brings forth the following question: WHY WON'T ALISON BRIE NOTICE ME!?!?! But it also brings forth a different new question: What subject will the Greendale Seven be taking together? This year, the gang will learn not to repeat itself by enrolling in History 101, and teaching that class will be guest-star Matt Lucas. Fans of British comedy will know Lucas as one of the stars of Little Britain, which was adapted for American audiences on HBO for a short while. Lucas also played one of Kristen Wiig's roommates in Bridesmaids, another movie I haven't seen. One of these days I will leave the house. [TV Line]

... Phoebe Tonkin is keepin' it CW. Now that her Secret Circle character Faye has been canceled along with the rest of the show, she's found new work on... The Vampire Diaries! She'll play Hayley, a hottie who shares a past with Tyler and causes problems between him and Caroline. [TV Guide]

... Love this piece of casting: New Girl has cast Raymond Barry (Justified's Arlo Givens) as an older version of Nick. Or at least a drunken old coot who meets younger Nick in a bar and thinks he's the older version of Nick and has the facts to prove it. If the show is still looking for an older version of Jess, I know a crazy lady down the street who owns 47 cats and might be up for it. [EW]

... Busy Philipps will be guest starring on Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23 as herself, creating a fake-but-real Dawson's Creek reunion on the ABC comedy as she'll be paired with James Van Der Beek, who also plays himself on the show. How long before Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson also show up? [TV Guide]

... Wilmer Valderrama (That '70s Show, Awake) will make a multiple-episode appearance on Fox's Raising Hope next season. He'll play the love interest for Melanie Griffith, who is guest-starring as Sabrina's mom. [EW]


... Cops in Indiana, Pennsylvania have arrested two men on charges of robbery. The dudes, ages 21 and 18, filmed themselves robbing victims while claiming to shoot a reality television show called You Just Got Robbed. Expect it to air Thursday nights on The CW next summer. [ABC2 News]

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