News Briefs: Lauren Graham Is Returning to The CW to Produce a Semi-Autobiographical Series


What's that saying about going home again? Never mind, it doesn't matter, because Lauren Graham is reuniting with The CW to executive-produce a new series based on her semi-autobiographical first novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe, about a young actress nearing a self-imposed deadline to find success in New York. Graham is also writing the pilot. Hey, I hear Amy Sherman-Palladino is free if you need any tips, Lauren! What, too soon? [Deadline Hollywood]


... That Tina Fey and Matt Hubbard comedy about a women's college starting to admit dudes now has a home: The multi-camera sitcom has landed at Fox after a bidding war. That makes two new shows for Fey this week; the other one is in the works at NBC. [Variety]

... FX's new spin-off network FXX will launch with a Parks and Recreation Treat Yo' Self marathon on September 2. Beginning at 7am Eastern, the network will showcase the best that Pawnee has to offer. Unfortunately, someone at FXX didn't get that memo in time, because the marathon kicks off with the pilot, and we all know Season 1 of Parks and Rec was basically the pits. [FX via press release]

... ABC Family has paired with Wet Seal to launch a new clothing line based on the fashions seen on Switched at BirthThe Fosters, and Twisted. The line will include clothing inspired by three different characters: Bay Kennish (Vanessa Marano) from Switched at Birth, Callie Foster (Maia Mitchell) from The Fosters, and Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury) from TwistedCall me crazy, but if you were going to develop a fashion line from an ABC Family series, wouldn't Pretty Little Liars be the way to go? I mean, have you seen the way Aria—never mind, I get why they skipped PLL now. [Entertainment Weekly]

... Though she has stepped down from her post, Hillary Rodham Clinton is still very interested in foreign affairs. Well, the TV kind at least. The former Secretary of State recently came out in favor of Downton Abbey. And though she has yet to release a statement on the subject, it's probably safe to assume that she, too, is pissed at Dan Stevens for leaving the series to enter a Jonathan-Rhys-Meyers-on-heroin look-a-like contest. [Huffington Post]

... MTV is boldly going where MTV has gone before—specifically in 2004, 2007, and 2011—by opting to forgo a host for this year's Video Music Awards, which will be broadcast live from Brooklyn on August 25 at 9pm. Maybe Neil Patrick Harris was busy that night. [NY Post]

... Speaking of MTV, the network that brought you The Tom Green Show and Punk'd has ordered Jerks With Cameras, a half-hour "unhidden" camera series in which comedians will prank ordinary people on the street... on film. Apparently, celebrities are too smart to fall for hidden-camera tricks these days, but everyday people, we're all still really gullible and stupid! The series is executive-produced by Jersey Shore producer SallyAnn Salsano. [THR]

... CBS is developing a drama series about a fictional female Secretary of State. I don't know where the network gets off thinking a woman could ever do that job, but whatever. The series, Madame Secretary, from Joan of Arcadia's Barbara Hall and some dude named Morgan Freeman (?), explores the personal and professional life of the Secretary of State. Meanwhile, NBC's miniseries about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is looking for a new home, because Fox TV Studios has dropped the project after the Republic National Convention banned NBC and CNN from the 2016 presidential primary debates. [Deadline Hollywood


... If you had JoAnna Garcia in your Once Upon a Time Ariel pool, please come collect your winnings. ABC announced today that the former Privileged star—don't even mention Animal Practice around me—has been cast in the coveted role. Casting remains underway for Flounder and Sebastian. [TV Guide]

... Valerie Cruz (Homeland) has been cast in a recurring role on Fox's The Following. She'll play Gina Mendez, an NYPD detective who works with Shawn Ashmore's Mike Weston to solve a new string of murders. Cruz will first appear in the Season 2 premiere, which picks up a year after the finale. [E! Online]

... James Remar, most recently seen as Dexter Morgan's late father on Dexter, is joining Grey's Anatomy in a super-secret role for Season 10. Leave your guesses as to who he's playing, what his character's deal is, etc. in the comments! I'm going to go with a time-traveling demon sent to murder Sandra Oh's Christina Yang. You know, just 'cause. [TV Line

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