News Briefs: Lesbians in Space, Jennifer Garner and the Sham Wow

... Former Alias star Jennifer Garner -- along with Vandalia production partner Juliana Janes -- has signed a production deal with ABC. There are no plans yet for Garner to act again on the network, but rumor has it that she and Janes hope to partner with writers Garner has worked with in the past to produce female-centric shows like Grey's Anatomy. [via Zap2it]

... Nominations for the News & Documentary Emmy Awards were announced on Tuesday. PBS leads the pack with 41 nominations, including two for Worldfocus, which has only been on for three months. Barbara Walters will be honored with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award, and Charlie Gibson is nominated for his infamous interview with former Vice Presidential candidate and outgoing Alaska governor Sarah Palin. [via TVNewser]

... Discovery will air a second season of Pitchmen, its series on the infomerical industry, despite the recent death of co-star Billy Mays. Mays's son, Billy Mays III, will help develop the program's next iteration, which Discovery wants to continue not only because the show rates well, but as a tribute to its late star. [via Zap2it]

... Stargate Universe, a spin-off Syfy series set to premiere in October, will feature a stranded-in-space leading lesbian named Camille (played by Ming-Na) whose long-term partner, Sharon (played by Reiko Aylesworth), is back on Earth. It will be the first instance of a lead lesbian role on a Stargate series, as well as "the first Asian American lesbian on any primetime broadcast or basic cable show in America." [via After Ellen]

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