News Briefs: Lifetime Is Asking People to Have Sex for a New Reality Series

Baby, I'm willing to do anything to make this relationship work. Now bend over.


... Lifetime has thrown up its hands and decided to surrender any sense of decency with 7 Days of Sex, a new reality show with a wacky premise. The premise is simple and very unsexy: couples on the rocks are asked to have sex each day for a week straight in the hopes of saving their marriage. Wait, with each other? How is THAT going to help their marriage? [Deadline Hollywood]

... AMC is developing a football drama with Tommy Lee Jones in talks to direct. Called The Real All-Americans, it focuses on an all-American Indian college that built a world-class program and produced gridiron legend Jim Thorpe. There's a good chance you'll see this on a TV sometime, as AMC has a history of putting the projects it develops on the air. [THR]

... FX is dabbling in the late-night talk show business with a new project from Chris Rock. The half-hour series will be hosted by comedian Kamau Bell and discuss politics, pop culture, race, religion, the media, and sex. That's it? What about cats? Will it talk about cats? [FX via press release]

... Struggling Bravo has seven series in development, all of which are more unscripted trash. 10 Things That Make Me Happy follows celebrities as they show off ten of their favorite items posessions. Alumni Project showcases graduates from great high schools 15 years after the fact. Fashion Stories of NYC centers on a team of fashion designers. I'm already falling asleep and there are still four more to go? Ugh. Female Entrepreneur Project doesn't even deserve a blurb for that awful title, but it's about successful women in the marketplace. More ladies are featured in Sex and the Kitchen, a series that follows chicks in the restaurant business. Get a look at some cool houses via the talk show Property Envy. And MD: OC follows doctors to the rich in Orange County. Bravo: Where they don't even try. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rosario Dawson's graphic novel O.C.T. is being developed for television by A&E.; Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd is on board for the project, which sees the secret Occult Crimes Taskforce, err, tasked with dealing with the occult in New York City. Dawson could star in the series. [THR]

... News Corp. (daddy of Fox) is looking to get into the sports business. The company is said to be planning a rival to ESPN, and may dump the incredibly lame Fuel network to do so. [Bloomberg]

... In undevelopment news, USA Network has passed on its projects Over/Under and Wild Card. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Fox has announced premiere dates for its fleet of Gordon Ramsay shows. Hell's Kitchen returns May 29, Masterchef follows it, and Hotel Hell premieres June 4. The Ramsay-free So You Think You Can Dance kicks off Season 9 on May 24. [Fox via press release]


... Howard Stern is doing a whirlwind media tour to promote his new gig as a judge on America's Got Talent, and it should be interesting. He'll make stops at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Today Show, and most importantly, The View. [Twitter]

... Former Lost star and current Ringer star Nestor Carbonell has joined ABC's comedy pilot The Smart One, starring Portia de Rossi as a woman who works for her stupider sister who happens to be mayor. Carbonell will play the ex-husband of Portia's character. Now the question is: will he leave Ringer? [TV Line]

... Elias Koteas (he played Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies!) will stop by the season (and likely series) finale of Unforgettable. He'll play the man Poppy Montgomery's character suspects was responsible for the death of her sister. But who was responsible for the death of this show? YOU for not watching it! [TV Line]

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