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News Briefs: Lost, Dollhouse, and SYTYCD

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... President Obama makes the News Briefs two days in a row! He must be very important. Today, he's in the news because it was announced that he will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman next Monday. Also, if you'd like to actually hear the President call Kanye West a jackass, you can do that here. [The Live Feed]

... In further political news, Feudal Duchess of the Internet Arianna Huffington and Greg Malins (Friends) are developing a sitcom about Washington for ABC. The show, titled Freshmen, "revolves around a group of three newly elected members of Congress -- two men and one woman -- who wind up sharing an apartment in Washington." [Variety]

... Michael Ausiello is reporting that Ray Wise will be joining Dollhouse for what is possibly a recurring role. Ausiello manages to spoil the ending of Twin Peaks in the same report, so if you haven't gotten around to watching it in the eighteen years or so since it went off the air, but still think you might give it a try, don't click through! Also, Whedonverse alums Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau will appear on Dollhouse this season. Jamie Bamber will also guest-star, bringing the total of Battlestar Galactica cast members who have appeared on Dollhouse to something like 94,000. [Ausiello]

... Maybe the Lost curse is lifted. Ian Somerhalder is in Hawaii today reprising his role as Boone on Lost. But then he's going back to his vampire show, so the curse is back on. [Pop Watch]

... Ron Howard is getting back into TV with a sitcom set in an IRS office. FOX bought the idea as soon as they heard it. Bearing in mind that it will air on the same network that prematurely canceled Arrested Development and survives on So You Think You Can Dance, we're not too concerned about Howard's new show resembling David Foster Wallace's to-be-posthumously published novel, The Pale King, even though they're both set in IRS offices. So the IRS will be huge in 2010. [THR]

... Adam Shankman, not Paula Abdul, is joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

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