News Briefs: Matthew Perry Is Trying to Break the Friends Curse Again


... After one smash hit and several whiffs, Matthew Perry is giving this TV thing another try. The former Friends star has been cast in NBC's comedy pilot Go On, which should always be said in an over-the-top British madame's voice. He'll play a sportscaster who is lifted up by a mandatory support group after he experiences personal loss. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Amy Smart has been cast in NBC's drama Bad Girls, about ladies in a female prison! Awesome! Smart will play a prissy chick who's doing time for stealing her friend's credit card and going on a spending spree. Could you imagine Amy Smart in a women's prison? She'd be ripped to shreds instantly. Probably wouldn't even survive the delousing. Also in this link, Friday Night Lights star and Person of Interest Wall Street dude Matt Lauria has been cast in ABC's period piece Gilded Lilys. [Deadline Hollywood]

... David Krumholtz is wiping away the stain left on him as a result of appearing in The Playboy Club by starring in CBS's comedy pilot Partners. That's the pilot about two friends, one straight and one gay (Michael Urie), whose long friendship is tested when Mr. Straight (Krumholtz) proposes to his girlfriend. [TV Line]

... Iron-abs Aly Michalka, formerly of Hellcats and tween pop stardom, has joined Fox's comedy Rebounding. The series follows a dude who is recuperating after the death of his fiancée with the help of his pickup basketball buddies. Michalka will play a girlfriend of one of the friends. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cosby mom Phylicia Rashad has been cast in NBC's drama pilot Do No Harm. The Jekyll-and-Hyde-ish show features a doctor with a crazy alter ego. Rashad will play the chief of surgery at the hospital. Clair Huxtable, where you been all these years? And can you please make a cameo on Community as Andre's mom? [TV Guide]

... Elizabeth Perkins is joining ABC's comedy pilot How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life, officially the season's most annoying TV show title. She'll play the mother of a woman (Sarah Chalke) who is forced to move back in with her parents after a divorce. Canada's Jon Dore is in this show. He's awesome. Just thought you should know. [TV Line]

... Christopher Lloyd, the Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd not the Modern Family Christopher Lloyd, has been cast in ABC's pilot Only Fools and Horses. It's based on a British show about two brothers who come up with crazy get-rich-quick schemes with their kooky grandfather. Lloyd is playing the grandfather, like duh, obviously. One of the brothers will be played by John Leguizamo. How they're planning on selling him as being related to Christopher Lloyd will be one of television's greatest challenges. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cary Elwes has joined the ABC pilot Prairie Dogs, a comedy about a man (Kal Penn) who has his identity stolen and then asks the thief for advice about making his own life better after the thief does more with his identity than he ever did. Wow, I can't believe I explained that goofy premise in one sentence. Elwes will play an eccentric co-worker of the main character. [EW]

... David Arquette continues to get work somehow. Next, he'll appear in ABC's The Smart One, a comedy pilot starring Portia de Rossi and Malin Akerman about two sisters, one of whom is mayor. Arquette must have found a seven-leafed clover or something, because he's one of the luckiest men in the world. [TV Line]


... A Community fan has been prepping a web series based on Inspector Spacetime, a a fake TV-show-within-a-TV-show with the second show being Community. NBC doesn't like this and has sent the guy a cease and desist letter. Instead of scrapping the project, he's just renamed it Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. Everyone on the count of three, let's give NBC the Finger. 1, 2, FINGER! [io9]


... NBC is borrowing the Canadian series Saving Hope for its summer schedule. The drama is about a hospital and some ghosts or something, and stars Smallville's Erica Durance. [Deadline Hollywood]


... The next edition of MTV's The Real World will be set in the U.S. Virgin Islands, putting obvious jokes on a tee for all of us to take hacks at. [THR]

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