News Briefs: Melissa McCarthy Follows Up Her Emmy Win with a Sitcom Sale


... She gave one of the most honest speeches last night (seriously, couldn't you just see the moment hitting her halfway through the speech?) after taking home Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Mike & Molly, and today Melissa McCarthy received some more good news: She's sold a sitcom idea to CBS. The show, which McCarthy will write and produce, follows a woman in her 40s who has a "spectacular midlife crisis." We've been rooting for Melissa for quite some time now, so we're all pretty stoked for her. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead, has another TV adaptation in her sights. Hurd is looking to visualize Jeffrey Archer's book The Eleventh Commandment, about a deadly CIA assassin who gets framed just days before he retires. Things like this always happen when people are about to retire. Obviously the solution is to never retire and just abruptly quit your dangerous government or law enforcement job as soon as you're ready. [Deadline Hollywood]

... You watched the Emmys to blabber on about who won what, so here's the moment you've all been waiting for: Emmys ratings numbers! The TV awards show notched a 3.7 rating among adults and an overall audience tally of 10.83 million viewers according to preliminary reports, down from last year's early stats of 3.6 and 11.6 million last year. For comparison's sake, 21.6 million people watched the Eagles' third-string quarterback instead of Mad Men's Best Drama win. [TV By the Numbers]

... Remember that big to-do over Mad Men's running time? Creator Matt Weiner pouted about it not being long enough, even though it was already longer than any other hour-long drama on an ad-supported network, and AMC said, "Yo, we got to sell ads if we want to pay for the show, yo!" Well, Weiner's tantrum won and the show will run 47 minutes long instead of the 45 minutes AMC was pulling for. Way to stand pat, AMC! Now stop bending over for Mad Men and start showing Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead some love. [Variety]


... OMGosh you guys, Supernatural news! DJ Qualls, who you may also know as the geeky virgin who did it with the big black chick in Road Trip or the undercover Fed who bought meth from Badger on Breaking Bad, will play a quirky hunter who annoys the crap out of Dean (Jensen Ackles) in Episode 8. I approve of this casting. Oh, who am I kidding, I approve of all things Supernatural. [Zap2It]

... When I was younger, Billy Ray Cyrus was famous for being Billy Ray Cyrus. Now I'm contractually obligated to refer to him as Miley's dad. Anywho, Miley's dad will be guest-starring on 90210 as... a dad. Look for Miley's dad sometime in November and, like, totally embarrassed tweets from Miley later that night. [EW]

... This is almost casting news: Glee might host Anne Hathaway as a guest star. True story: Anne and I lived in the same college dorm. But I lived there like three decades before she did. I can only hope I didn't leave my Princess Diaries posters up! [MTV]

... Lester Holt is the new host of Dateline NBC; he replaces Ann Curry. Congratulations, Lester! Get ready to be recognized on the street by a bunch of grandparents! [Associated Press]

... Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet, who did not win an Emmy last night because it was not his turn, will guest-star on Fox's upcoming American Horror Story as a psych patient of Ben's (Dylan McDermott). Look for him in November. [EW]


... Did you notice that the "In Memorium" segment during the Emmys failed to include Taxi star Jeff Conaway? That's okay, Jeff Conaway didn't notice, either. [EW]

... And in "well, duh" news, Michaele Salahi, the attention-seeking "star" of The Real Housewives of Wherever She's From might get a new reality show with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, the same guy she just ditched her husband for in last week's high-profile tabloid story. Humanity, I'm embarrassed for you. [Chicago Sun Times]

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